Experiencing Chinese traditional liquor culture -- international journalists at Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Group

World News Monday October 21, 2019 10:51 —Asianet Press Release

BAOJI, China--21 Oct--Xinhua-AsiaNet/InfoQuest

"With just a stainless steel container and some water, by observing the foaming of the tumbling liquor, the liquor maker can accurately judge its alcoholic strength within an error margin of less than 0.1% v/v. This is amazing," said Mr. Sin, chief China correspondent with the Korean Central News Agency as he was watching the "beating liquor foam" performance at Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor on October 15.

This event, dubbed 70 Years of Great Progress -- Overseas Media Representatives Visit Shaanxi in 2019, with its primary purpose being to facilitate the visit and interviews with personnel from the Shaanxi Xifeng Liquor Group, was hosted by the Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office. The media interview group, made up of 12 journalists from nine countries, observed the Xifeng Liquor production process, looked over the Xifeng Liquor Cultural Center, and inspected the large Xifeng Liquor containers. They formed an understanding of the unique Xifeng Liquor distilling process and learned about the long-established Xifeng Liquor culture.

In the Xifeng Liquor Storage and Blending Workshop, the journalists were intrigued by the rows of unusual large liquor containers and they scrambled to learn about the production process and storage protocols. Xifeng Liquor has a long history and it represents a highly-developed culture. It is an important carrier for China to continue on with its rich liquor culture. The Xifeng Liquor Group is located in Liulin Town, Baoji, Shaanxi Province. It is the largest liquor manufacturer in Northwest China and ranks 4th on the Value Ranking List of Chinese Liquor Brands.

"I hope that people from other countries can really get a feel for the unique charm of Xifeng Liquor by experiencing the distilling and blending processes and tasting the liquor while they are here. I hope they will add Xifeng Liquor to their imbibing habits which will bring more relaxation and contentedness to the lives of people around the world," said Jia Zhiyong, vice chairman and general manager of the Xifeng Liquor Group.

Source: The Shaanxi Provincial Government Information Office

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