Panjin, China Rural Revitalization Industry Expo Held Successfully in 2020

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Panjin, China Rural Revitalization Industry Expo Held Successfully in 2020

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Panjin, China 2020 Rural Revitalization Industry Expo was held in Panjin from Sept. 22nd to Sept. 24th. This exhibition has attracted nearly 800 enterprises from domestic and abroad, and more than 300 purchasers participated in the exhibition. "Online + offline", "Expo + professional exhibition", "professional forum + on-site observation" to fully display the Rural Revitalization achievements of Panjin, according to the Publicity Department of Panjin Municipality.

Panjin is located in the southwest of Liaoning Province. It is a petrochemical city built on the edge of oil. Panjin is the "hometown of Ecological Rice in China", "grain city in North China" and "the first city of river crab in China". Panjin rice and Panjin river crab are well-known in China as "national geographical indication products". Panjin has achieved remarkable results in promoting rural revitalization, which providing "Panjin mode" for the National Rural Revitalization in recent years. Shimiaozi village, Dabaozi village and Desheng village are rated as national beautiful and livable villages, Yangjia village is rated as China's beautiful leisure village, and 10 villages including Nanguo village and Desheng village are rated as national 3A tourist attractions.

This is the Second Rural Revitalization Industry Expo held in Panjin. Focusing on the theme of "Industrial Integration and Urban-rural Integration", the Expo covers three parts namely, the achievements of urban-rural integration, modern agricultural equipment technology and the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. It comprehensively shows the development achievements of Panjin rural "Industry Prosperity, Ecological Livability, Rural Civilization, Effective Governance and Rich Life".

The opening ceremony of Liaoning Province main venue of China farmers harvest festival was held, and two major professional forums were held, i.e. grain biotechnology industry development forum and rural e-commerce development forum. The related series of activities continued until September 24th.

Source: The Publicity Department of Panjin Municipality

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Caption: Panjin, China Rural Revitalization Industry Expo held successfully in 2020.

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