Yili Group Holds 2021 Leadership Summit, Announcing New Vision for Value Creation

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Yili Group Holds 2021 Leadership Summit, Announcing New Vision for Value Creation

On November 20, Yili Group held the 2021 Leadership Summit. At the summit, Pan Gang, Chairman and President of Yili Group, announced that in addition to its established mid-to long-term goals, Yili will be committed to its New Vision for Value Creation (hereinafter referred to as the Vision) by 2030, leading the industry in creating consumer value, social value, employee value, and corporate value.

Stay consumer-oriented

Yili has held the highest market share in China's dairy industry and remained one of China's Most Chosen Brands for six consecutive years, according to the Asia Brand Footprint 2021 report. 

"Consumer value" is given the top priority in the Vision. Only by creating value for consumers can a company have a driving engine to power its continued growth. "From products, services, brand image, and other aspects, we must continue to meet the diversified needs of all groups of consumers", Pan Gang said. Yili will continue to put quality first and remain committed to driving innovation to empower consumers to lead healthy lifestyles.

Uphold sustainable development

Yili is committed to ensuring sustainable development throughout the whole value chain. Specifically, Yili pioneered the development of independent carbon footprint tracking in China and published its Sustainable Development Action Guidelines. Standing at the forefront of sustainable development, Pan Gang said Yili will take the lead in achieving carbon neutrality and a leading position in sustainability ratings.

Yili has helped to uplift five million farmers out of poverty and its midstream and downstream partners for stronger growth. Yili is dedicated to creating mutually beneficial outcomes for all its partners throughout the whole industrial chain.

Provide strong backing to employees

Through Yili's employee care program, also known as Spring Rain Plan, Yili has supported the continued development of employees by providing career guidance and incentives and encouraging them to have open and creative mindsets. Pan Gang said that Yili will continue to build an open, creative, and respectful work environment, build stronger internal cohesion with a more inclusive culture, and fully empower all talents.

Drive robust operations and rapid growth

Yili's operating revenue and net profit grew at a faster-than-expected speed in the first three quarters of 2021, with its operating revenue hitting an unprecedented RMB 85 billion. Product quality is fundamental to a company. Yili will continue to enhance its product competitiveness by strengthening its quality management, innovation, and digital operations. In addition, Yili will ensure steady and sound development by achieving exceptional business performance and ensuring that its success also benefits shareholders and investors.

The Vision proposed by Yili Group aims to help pioneer a new path for the development of social enterprises in China's dairy industry. Yili will join hands with more partners to share healthy food and lifestyles with people all over the world.

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Caption: Pan Gang, Chairman and President of Yili Group, unveiled Yili's new vision

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