Growing cosmetics industry adds to Shanghai's Fengxian District's urban beauty

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Growing cosmetics industry adds to Shanghai's Fengxian District's urban beauty

The Oriental Beauty Valley has become the capital of China's cosmetics industry, the core bearing area of Shanghai health-related industries, the first stop for Chinese cosmetics enterprises to go global, and the first choice for world cosmetics coffee to enter China, according to Shanghai Fengxian Converged Media Center.

Nowadays, the brand valuation of the Oriental Beauty Valley has reached 28.731 billion yuan. The annual International Cosmetics Conference held here attracts customers at home and abroad.

New growth engines created

The laboratory at Shiseido's R&D center, located in the core area of the valley, was put into use in October this year. In the past two years, the charm of the Oriental Beauty Valley has attracted lots of international beauty and health industry giants to establish themselves here.

Chinese homegrown cosmetics brands are also joining the valley such as Chicmax and Pechoin. Leading enterprises in biomedical field such as WuXi Biologics, Shanghai RAAS, Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals are renewing their impressive growth in the valley.

Brand value polished

By the end of 2020, the valley's industrial scale reached nearly 70 billion yuan, and the above-scale industrial output value totaled nearly 40 billion yuan. Through six years of development, the valley has attracted more than 700 industrial enterprises and over 3,000 beauty and health brands. Among them, there are 80 cosmetics production enterprises with cosmetics production licenses, accounting for 35 percent of the total number in Shanghai. There are more than 200 biomedical enterprises, and the above-scale output value of biomedicine accounted for 13 percent of Shanghai in 2020. The growth of every enterprise has increasingly highlighted the value and potential of the valley's brand.

The development of the Oriental Beauty Valley with the beauty and health industry as the focus is the epitome of economic growth and changes in Shanghai Fengxian. In recent years, Fengxian District has been constantly optimizing the business environment, gradually improving the valley's functional platform. Eight centers, including R&D, design, testing, display, marketing, experience, industry service and expert guidance, are taking shape, laying a foundation for high-quality industrial cluster growth.

New urban landmark

The Oriental Beauty Valley is not just an industry. It has been upgraded from a single industrial brand to a comprehensive city brand that fully displays the beauty of Fengxian's industry, city, ecology and humanity. In the past five years, landmark buildings such as Nine Trees Future Art Center, Fengxian Museum and the Shanghai Fish iconic landform have been built in Fengxian. Space has become the carrier of brand, and activities like the Oriental Beauty Valley music carnival and the plum blossom festival have integrated the city image with the valley.

In the future, Shanghai Fengxian will build a futuristic new city pilot area and the Oriental Beautiful Valley - Future City full of humanity, culture and hospitality. Efforts will be made to develop an independent comprehensive node city with a population of more than one million. It is committed to developing into one of the new representative cities with integrated development of industry and city.

Source: Shanghai Fengxian Converged Media Center

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Caption: At the end of 2015, Fengxian District proposed to build the Oriental Beauty Valley, which developed from just dozens of cosmetics-related enterprises to more than 700 industrial enterprises and over 3,000 beauty and health brands, with the above-scale industrial output value of nearly 40 billion yuan.

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