Wemade signs a MOU with Verichains

General News Wednesday December 7, 2022 15:30 —PRNewswire Press Releases

Wemade signs a MOU with Verichains
  • Verichains, a blockchain subsidiary of Vietnam's no. 1 IT company VNG Corp.
  • Partnership for blockchain gaming and the betterment of WEMIX3.0 ecosystem
  • To join forces for expansion in Asia

Wemade signed a MOU with Verichains, a Vietnamese blockchain company, to form a strategic partnership.

VNG Corp., a parent company of Verichains, is no. 1 IT company in Vietnam. Its services include Zalo, Vietnam's biggest messenger service with more than 100 million users, e-commerce and fintech services and many more. It is knows as Vietnam's first unicorn company.

Verichains, founded by VNG VP and Chief Security Officer Than Nguyen, is a blockchain subsidiary of VNG. The company handles audits for 40 to 50 blockchain projects a month, and offers P2E consulting service to gaming projects. Its longtime clients include renowned projects such as Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena.

Verichains is pursuing various blockchain projects in Vietnam and Southeast Asia robustly. Wemade expects to join forces with the company to strengthen both parties' blockchain gaming and expand WEMIX3.0 ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Wemade plans to keep forming partnerships with many companies and projects that can help WEMIX ecosystem grow and expand.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1963344/Verichains_blockchain_subsidiary_Vietnam_s_VNG_Corp.jpg
Caption - Verichains, blockchain subsidiary of Vietnam's VNG Corp

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