BOT: All Types of Dept Securities Auction Results

Stocks News Friday July 3, 2020 15:14 —Bank of Thailand

    Auction Date                                 03 Jul 2020
    Type                                 Treasury Bills/Debt
    ThaiBMA Symbol                                  TB21106A
    ISIN Code                                   TH0623071188
    CFI Code                                          DYZTXR
    Coupon Rate (%p.a.)                             Discount
    Time to Maturity                                182 Days
    Payment Date                                 08 Jul 2020
    Period Start Date                                      -
    Maturity Date                                06 Jan 2021
    Issue Amount NCB+CB (MB)                          30,000
    Accepted Amount NCB+CB (MB)                       30,000
    Accepted Amount NCB (MB)                               -
    Accepted Amount CB (MB)                           30,000
    Greenshoe Option (Mil.Baht)                            -
    PAO (Mil.Baht)                                         -
    Over AllotMent(Mil.Baht)                               -
    Grand Total (Mil.Baht)                            30,000
    Accepted Lowest YLD(%)                            0.4690
    Accepted Highest YLD(%)                           0.5000
    Weighted Avg. Accepted YLD(%)                    0.49606
    Bid Coverage Ratio                                  2.32

Source: Bank of Thailand

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