BOT: Monetary Base and International Reserves Report

Stocks News Friday September 25, 2020 14:36 —Bank of Thailand

                                                                    18-Sep-20     11-Sep-20    3-4-Sep-2020
International Reserve* (billions of baht)                            7,947.80      7,915.40        7,925.90
(billions of US$)                                                       255.3         252.8           252.9
Net Forward Position* (billions of US$)                                  21.4          22.7            23.2
Net Credit to Government (billions of baht)                            -292.9        -215.7           -73.4
Net Credit to Financial and Other sectors (billions of baht)        -5,789.60     -5,845.60       -5,885.60
Monetary Base (billions of baht)                                     2,122.20      2,137.90        2,189.80

Published September 25, 2020

* Mark-to-market basis

Data Definitions

International Reserves

= Gold + Foreign currency reserves + Special Drawing Rights + Reserve position in the IMF Net Forward Position

= Bank of Thailand's forward obligations to buy (+) or sell

(-) foreign currency against Thai Baht Net Credit to Government

= Bank of Thailand's lending to Government - Government's deposits at the Bank of Thailand and currency held

by Government Net Credit to Financial and Other sectors

= Bank of Thailand's lending to financial institutions - Bank of Thailand's borrowing (including BOT bond)

from financial institutions and other sectors Monetary Base

= Notes and coins in circulation + Deposits of financial institutions at the Bank of Thailand.

Notes: - Government includes Central Government only.

Source: Bank of Thailand

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