Super Panda Rush just released

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Super Panda Rush just released

Bangkok--4 Nov--GAWOONI

GAWOONI releases a new kind of promotional game in partnership with Delivery Hero / foodpanda (Thailand) and BEC-Tero Music

If you look these days on people playing with their smartphone or PC you find them often playing a little game called Super Panda Rush. The reason is, you can win real prizes in this game based on your performance.
In the game you drive as a food delivery driver on a motorbike in Bangkok. Try to collect as much coins and food power ups to get your personal high core. All high scores are collected in a leaderboard and the best 10 players will get real prizes like food vouchers and other cool things. Every month there will be new promotions starting.
To realize this kind of promotions, GAWOONI partners with Delivery Hero / foodpanda (Thailand), the #1 food delivery service in Thailand and BEC-Tero Music, Thailand's most famous music label.
The game is available for free and can be played in all internet browsers on smartphones, tablets or PC.

Thai Version

English Version

In addition the game features music from famous Thai bands such as Dessert, Magic Classes and Your Rules. For the music promotion GAWOONI is partnering with macrowave a sub-label under BEC-Tero Music .
"With Super Panda Rush we are developing and publishing a new kind of game experience. Our partnerships with Delivery Hero / foodpanda (Thailand) and macrowave a sub-label under BEC-Tero Music allows us to create a new experience for the gamer. The game is linked to real brands and real music and on top you can get real prizes if your performance is good. Over all, a great motivation to play this game. We believe that this will become a new trend in gaming." resumes Frank Holz, CEO at GAWOONI.

GAWOONI is a very ambitious publisher and developer for mobile and online games with a special focus on emerging digital markets like Southeast Asia and India. GAWOONI set up over the last year a very professional game development team in Thailand as the company believes in the creative potential of Thai artist and developers. At GAWOONI, talents from Thailand, Germany, UK and India working together in international teams to create exciting new gaming experiences
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About Delivery Hero / foodpanda (Thailand)
Delivery Hero Thailand, most commonly known as foodpanda, is Thailand's largest food delivery company that operates in 22 cities and partners with over 10,000 restaurants. Delivery hero aims to offer their customers a wide variety of choices to help them satisfy their cravings. Furthermore, its biggest ambition is to empower the consumer to simply sit back and relax while the food is being prepared and delivered right to their doorstep.

About macrowave
macrowave is an indie music label operating as a sub-label under BEC-Tero Music. The label represents a music community for indie artists who make their own music. Also, providing a full support on promotional activities as well as being an agency for artist's event and paid show.
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