Brighton College UK was recently named as England's School of the Decade by The Sunday Times.

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Brighton College UK was recently named as England's School of the Decade by The Sunday Times.

Brighton College Bangkok,a sister school of Brighton College UK and is part of a family of schools spanning the UK, Middle East and South-East Asia delights in the Brighton College UK's success as the Bright College UK was recently named as England's School of the Decade.

Brighton College UK is the top co-educational school for academic results and in 2020 was named as the UK School of the Decade, The Sunday Times' most prestigious educational award. On average, one in six pupils at Brighton College secures an offer to study at Oxford and Cambridge, and over 180 Brighton College pupils have gone on to take up Oxbridge places over the past six years. Overall, 98% of pupils receive offers from the UK's leading (Russell Group) universities such as Imperial, LSE and UCL. In the past four years, Year 13 pupils from the Brighton College family of schools have also gone on to study at over 30 different US and Canadian universities, including Ivy League institutions such as Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

"Brighton College turns out good human beings, not just clever ones.

The school has constantly adapted to address the many and varied challenges of the past decade, ensuring that children are not simply equipped with great GCSE and A-level results but understand the challenges facing the world today and stand ready to play their part.  Children who are happy in their own skin, valued for who they are and valued by their peers will achieve more than their parents ever thought possible - and that really is the story of Brighton."

The Sunday Times

The Head Master of Brighton College Bangkok, Mike Walton, works closely with our partners in the UK to ensure that pupils in Thailand experience the same world-class education that has been celebrated by The Sunday Times. We share the goals of developing curiosity, confidence and kindness in all of our young people, and of making a positive difference in the world around us. The exceptional quality of our teaching, alongside an impressive range of co-curricular opportunities, continues to help pupils excel: their academic progress and personal development are hallmarks of an outstanding international school.

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