Don’t Ever Miss Asia Crypto Investment Forum (ACIF) — a Regional Digital Asset Event and a Gathering of Prominent Experts from, BITMAIN, Bitkub, as well as a Raft of Leading Companies Held in Thailand on this November 28th

Stocks News Friday November 22, 2019 14:06 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--22 Nov--Beyond Solutions Don't ever miss Asia Crypto Investment Forum (ACIF), a regional digital asset event organized in Thailand on this upcoming 28 November 2019. Let's be in touch with a vigorous team of cryptocurrency experts led by Ms. Paphy Cai from, the leading bitcoin wallet provider, together with Ms. Jennifer Na from BITMAIN, the world's largest maker of bitcoin-mining computers, and Mr. Atthakrit Chimplapibul, a co-founder of Bitkub, Thailand's No.1 digital currency trading website. Moving to the side of executives, Mr. Young Ho Kim, a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hashcube Co., Ltd., is brimming with a vibrant determination to constantly organize this event in order to render knowledge and understandings in regard to digital asset and blockchain technology throughout the Southeast Asian region. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can check out the website for more information. Mr. Young Ho Kim, a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hashcube Co., Ltd., divulged about Asia Crypto Investment Forum (ACIF), stating that the seminar to be hosted on 28 November 2019 will overarch the themes of digital asset and blockchain technology. The event will be joining forces with honorable experts who have mastered in the field from myriad leading companies, including BITMAIN,, Bitkub, Cryptomind, Coinloan, Hdac, Tokenizer, and CoolbitX. In this regard, Hashcube aims at hosting an array of this forum to offer knowledge and understandings encompassing digital asset and blockchain technology in all countries within the Southeast Asian region to reflect a short-term objective of Hashcube in being a cryptocurrency mining knowledge and services provider in the global market. Furthermore, the website, or "ACIF"also offers approaches to advance the growth of the industry, initiate interactions, and proffers opportunities that can be harnessed for the benefits of the newcomers. "In consideration of this forum, we aspire to pass on knowledge and understandings to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as well as encouraging and promoting Thai people to be evolved more with a view to the use of digital asset. Moreover, Thailand has previously promoted the legalization of digital asset industry through a royal decree, regulating cryptocurrency and defining propositions for funding in a form of ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Importantly, Thailand is deemed as the first country and a promising step of the digital asset industry. Therefore, here comes a great opportunity for the Thai fellows to cultivate more knowledge in the field of blockchain technology for mutual benefits in the future," imparted Mr. Young Ho Kim. The seminars will cover a vast of topics, ranging from ways to transform the existing traditional asset into digital asset relayed by Cryptomind, the future of bitcoin mining which will be twofold difficult by the middle of the upcoming year by BITMAIN, practical ways to use online bitcoin wallets by, ways to use a digital currency exchange website by Bitkub, digital asset loaning by Coinloan, safety of crypto storage devices by CoolbitX, ways to alter technology to marketing by Hdac, financial products from the digital asset sphere by Tokenizer, and digital asset investment shared by Hashcube and Hashmax. Nothing here you can miss!!!!! The seminar will be held on this upcoming 28 November 2019 at InterContinental Bangkok. Please make a reservation at By filling this code, ACIF2019Thailand, you will get a free standard ticket! Moreover, through this same website, you can also get prepared for a troop of activities and the life-changing event that will arm you with a full spectrum of knowledge, underlying both digital asset and blockchain technology.

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