CPN as a dominator of global countdown events joins hands with partners to launch grand countdown events in heart of Bangkok and nationwide in 'Thailand & AIS Bangkok Countdown 2020’ on evening of 31 December 2019

General News Friday December 6, 2019 16:48 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--6 Dec--Central Pattana - Highlighting itself as global and Thailand's best entertainment countdown, where you can meet with over 100 of the world's most popular DJs, artists and dancers; aiming to attract 20% more visitors than last year's event - Establishing '4 Memorable Experiences' to seize a place in customers' hearts by offering the happiest countdown memories, with easy access, and featuring convenient and safe events - Central World will offer the 4DX experience along with 11 other branches of CentralPlaza, CentralFestival and Central Phuket Central Pattana (CPN), operator of Central World, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival and Central Phuket is joining hands with business partners, including The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Advanced Info Service Plc, Chang International Co., Singha Corporation Co. Ltd., Haad Thip Plc, The Swatch Group Trading (Thailand) Ltd., Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., and the Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA) in a marketing investment of over 200 million baht to organize 'Thailand & AIS Bangkok Countdown 2020' highlighting itself as the creator of 'Global & Thailand's Best Entertainment Countdown' on New Year's eve, where you can enjoy shows from over 100 international DJs, artists and dancers, and which aims to attract 20% more visitors than last year's event. The event will be held in 11 branches nationwide, with Central World having the largest stage of 220 meters long. As the 'Times Square of Asia', Central World was named one of the top New Year celebration destinations in the world by CNN. The New Year event will also be held at CentralPlaza, CentralFestival and Central Phuket. The event at Central World will be broadcast live on Channel 3 from 22.30 hrs. onward and the event at CentralPlaza WestGate will be broadcast on ONE 31 Channel from 23.15 hrs. onward. Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing of CPN, said: "CPN has been holding countdown events nationwide continually for over 20 years and has become the national and international countdown event dominator. Every year, our events have improved and we have highlighted the 'Go Global – Love Local' concept in order to emphasize ourselves as the leader in national and international countdown events. In Thailand, we want our shopping centers to be the 'Center of Life' in every province and for every festival. On a global scale, we have Central World and Central Phuket as spearheads for the international market in becoming the world's most popularcountdown landmarks. The keys that always support CPN in accomplishing our successful events are our management experience and creativity in crafting new moments based on the needs of customers. We have transformed our 'Gain Points' from over 20 years of experience into 'Match Points' or final scores to win the game and continue to hold the greatest countdown events by establishing the '4 Memorable Countdown Experiences' for customers. This year, Central World Square in Ratchaprasong Square will be highlighted as the 'World of Best Entertainment Countdown' venue, guaranteed by the fact that it has been named the 'Times Square of Asia' and being listed as one of the top worldwide New Year celebration destinations by CNN. We are joining hands with 4nologue, a professional concert organizer that has organized many concerts for popular KPOP artists in order to lift the standard of the concerts at our events to be on par with large international concerts. The highlights include a very high (comparable to 4-storey building) mobile hydraulic stage and 220-meter long in the heart of the city. This is the longest concert stage in Southeast Asia, allowing Thai and foreign tourists to fully enjoy concerts and the countdown event with 4DX experience as if they are sitting right next to the stage. Enjoy the PanOramix @CentralwOrld, the world's largest interactive screen worth 500 million baht. Meet with 10 top-listed artists including Palmy, The Toy, Peck Palitchoke, Joey boy, Thaitanium TWOPEE SOUTHSIDE, Slot Machine, Getsunova and over 100 dancers in addition to a special concert from TRINITY, which includes James Teeradon, Third Lapat, Porsche Sivakorn and Jackie Jackrin. Do not miss 400 spectacular fireworks that will be continuously lit one after the other for five minutes in order to create '4 Memorable Countdown Experiences': 1. World-Best & Original (The Best) – Experience memorable countdown moments at the world-class New Year celebration destination. There is a sense of originality that everyone should experience once in their lifetime. For example, if you are in Bangkok, you should definitely come for your countdown moment at Central World as every year we ensure that we prepare everything to the best of our ability in order to attract visitors. Our next plan is to promote Central Phuket as one of the world's best international countdown destinations. 2. Entertainment (Most entertaining) – Enjoy a free concert from various popular artists, with amazing effects and spectacular fireworks. An event where you can get to see many of your favorite artists in one place and most importantly, this is a free event! 3. Easy Access Location with Good Safety (Happiest) – Offering you peace of mind, with locations that have easy and convenient access and good security. Locations that are easy to get to and from, with sufficient parking space, toilets and facilities as well as good security. 4. Exclusive Experience (Most special) – creating an exclusive experience, where customers can be part of 300 special guests to secure their private zone at the Fan Zone– when spending 3,000 baht and up on shopping at participating shopping centers from 18-31 December 2019, get two tickets for free (only at Central World) In addition, there is no need for customers to worry about how to get to Central World; it is located in the heart of the city with convenient travel on the BTS skytrain. It is only ten minutes' walk to Siam or Chidlom stations. There is also plenty of parking space, clean bathrooms and a standardized security system. With this in mind, when someone thinks of an entertainment countdown venue, it can only be Central World. Ms. Siwalee Buranasongkram, Head of AIS Brand Management of Advanced Info Service Plc (AIS) said: "AIS is delighted to join hands with Central World in the 'AIS Bangkok Countdown 2020 @ Central World' event, which has been held for 20 consecutive years. This year, we are ensuring that we bring Thailand's hottest artists, with large numbers of fans to create happiness for Thai people during the countdown to the New Year. Our AIS presenters led by Peck Palitchoke Ayanaputra and Jirayu Tangsrisuk will join the countdown event with everyone. Those who are at home can watch the live broadcasts for free through the AIS PLAY application, website: https://aisplay.ais.co.th and AIS PLAYBOX from 18.10 hrs. onward and through TV on Channel 3 from 22.30 hrs. onward." "In addition to Central World, CPN will also hold 'Thailand Countdown 2020' events at 11 provincial countdown landmarks at 11 branches of CPN shopping centers nationwide such as CentralPlaza West Gate – the event will be broadcast on ONE 31, with the shows from Paradox, Oat Pramote, BNK48, One artist show (4 Pho Dum, Central Phuket – meet with Ice Sarunyu, Yester'days, International DJs (Roxy June, Xina Ghali, CentralPlaza Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) – enjoy the shows from Bedroom Audio, Mai Charunpura, Bodyslam, CentralFestival Chiangmai – meet with WatchaRaWaLee, Chin Chinnawut, 60 Miles, Dome Pakornlam, CentralFestival Hatyai – meet with Meaw Jirasak, Restrospect, D-Gerrard, CentralFestival Pattaya Beach – enjoy the show from Songkarn the Voice, CentralPlaza Udonthani – meet with The rapper, Wonderframe, Central Plaza Nakhon Si Thammarat – meet with Ebola, Central Plaza Phitsanulok – enjoy the shows from Nice CNX, OG smith, Dreamhigh, Cyanice and Central Marina, where you can meet Mocca Garden. These countdown events will help to boost the country's economy and emphasize CPN's vision in becoming the 'Center of Life' of every province as well as to promote the image of Thailand as a memorable destination for tourists from all over the world," Dr. Nattakit concluded.

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