Guest Vegan Chef Jajah T helps launch first-ever Vegan Food Festival at Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara this February

Travel News Friday February 14, 2020 16:56 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok--14 Feb--Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas Feast on imaginative new flavours in the first 100% vegan festival Salalah has ever seen. Chef Jajah T, well known in Thailand as an expert in vegan cooking, joins Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara from Bangkok to prepare inspired dishes and change people's approach to dining. The week-long celebration of vegan food begins on Sunday 23 February and runs until Saturday 29 February. Diners can taste specialities prepared by Chef Jajah at Mekong every evening and the eminent chef will also appear in Sakalan to provide some vegan breakfast fare. A live cooking station in Mekong will let guests into the secrets behind the creations that melt in the mouth. Local products will be sourced from the organic garden and guests will also have the opportunity to visit the garden for a select period. Taking the top-rated position on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Salalah, Mekong is a fitting location for this fantastic showcase of vegan food. Chef Jajah T has shared some enticing items from the menu, including cauliflower wings with tamarind sauce, Thai green curry with roti and tasty desserts such as vegan mango cheese pie. Prices will be a la carte. Self-taught Chef Jajah T says she "wants to prove that vegan food is tasty, exciting and for everyone," and she hopes to inspire more people to change their approach to dining. Apart from being a vegan Chef, she is the Founder and Owner of Veganerie restaurants. These ultimate vegan destinations can be found in five different locations in the Thai capital. Reserve your place for this amazing foodie festival and experience a one-of-a-kind event in the stunning surrounds of Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara. ติดต่อ: n/a หมวดข่าว: ท่องเที่ยว คำค้น:

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