Online training course on "Introduction to Business Analytics"

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Online training course on

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Online training course on " Introduction to Business Analytics" Date: 11-31 July 2020

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Course Brief:

Business Analytics is a methodical exploration of an organizations data to understand the business and make decisions. The tools provided by business analytics allow organizations to understand their past and current performance, and to plan effectively for the future. This course explores evidence-based, data-driven, quantitative methods to conduct predictive modeling, operational and statistical analysis to improve business decision-making.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

Identify and comprehend the basic methodologies and tools of data analysis in a business context Demonstrate an understanding of the use of data and data analytics in understanding and solving business problems and finding new business opportunities.

Evaluate the usefulness of business analytics tools and methods in various business contexts.

Effectively use business analytics in order to engage with the world and the information available to them in new and more expansive ways, by converting data into value-added information and commercial knowledge.

Develop business analytics skills to views how operations can operate more efficiently and through this, increase the competitive edge of the companies in which they work.

Knowledgeable in analysis techniques for obtaining analytics to measure the current business performance (descriptive), assess the probability of future outcomes (predictive) and generate recommendations on how to handle potential future situations.

Understand how businesses can use statistical functions to conduct data mining and predictive modeling. The process includes aspects of business intelligence, trying to answer a range of questions from “What happened?” to “Why did it happen?” and “What might happen in the future for us to respond to?

Course Outline

Introduction to business analytics; Describing and Summarizing Data; Sampling and Estimation; Hypothesis (or relationship) testing; Regressions; Using Data Analysis in business decision-making

Course Schedule

First live session (recorded and available to view after the class)- 11th July 4-5 pm with the immediate release of video content with accompanying exercises/testsSecond live session (recorded and available to view after the class)- 22nd July 7:30-8:30pm with the immediate release of video content with accompanying exercises/testsThird live session 25th July 4-5 pm

Faculty: Dr. Vatchaparol Sukhotu & Dr. Supasith Chonglertham

Faculty Bio:

Dr. Vatcharapol Sukhotu is an Adjunct Professor at School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology. He has experiences in both business and academia with the areas of specialization in management science, supply chain management and operations management. In addition, he has done several business consulting works in optimization, operational developments, and business process improvements. Dr. Vatcharapol Sukhotu received Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University in the area of Operations Research.

Dr. Supasith Chonglerttham is an academician and entrepreneur who emphasizes core concepts of theories to simplify problems in workplace. With strong background in Engineering and Finance, he has expanded his work into Business Analytics. His on-going consulting project tackles digital transformation for a healthcare provider aiming to improve the bottom line as well as welfare of society. Dr. Supasith Chonglerttham received Ph.D. in Management from the University of Hawaii.

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