“Boiled rice with snapper” at the Emerald Coffee Shop

Entertainment News Friday September 25, 2020 10:46 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

“Boiled rice with snapper” at the Emerald Coffee Shop

Bangkok--25 Sep--The Emerald Hotel

The Emerald Coffee Shop of the Emerald Hotel offers one of the signature menus every evening “Boiled rice with snapper” cook the bowl per bowl with fresh fish fillet, delicious fragrant soup, served with fried fish skins or fried tofu. Dip soybean sauce or seafood sauce, included in the new international buffet style, with the outstanding menus from 3 restaurants all in one such as Foie gras, Salmon, Alaskan king crab, Dim Sum, Peking duck, Bingsu etc. only 790 baht/person

The Emerald Coffee Shop opens daily at 18.00 – 23.00 hrs. For reservation, kindly call 0-2276-4567 ext. 8413-4

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