SingularityU Thailand joins forces with SCB 10X to open 'SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020’

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SingularityU Thailand joins forces with SCB 10X to open 'SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020’

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SingularityU Thailand joins forces with SCB 10X to open 'SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020’ – a global online seminar to discuss on “The Future of Work” after COVID-19

SingularityU Thailand has joined hands with SCB 10X, a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), alongside a group of world’s leading innovators from Silicon Valley to open a global online seminar entitled “SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020” on Wednesday 23rd September during 09:00-18:00 hrs. This online event will feature a virtual discussion on the topic of “The Future of Work” participated by a group of world’s leading experts in innovative technology and revolution in various fields who will exchange their experiences and thoughts as aspiring guidelines to deal with career changes in the future after the COVID-19 pandemic. The audiences will have a good chance to foresee significant careers in the future and can also learn how to survive after the coronavirus attack.

Interesting topics being discussed at “SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020” by world’s experts in technology-driven innovations and inventions from Silicon Valley are as follow :

1. Re-Gearing Business in Uncertain Times by Mr. John Hagel, Former Co-Chairman, Center for the Edge, Deloitte

2. Accelerating the Future of Health & Medicine in the Age of COVID-19 by Dr. Daniel Kraft, Chair, Singularity University

3. Emerging Digital Technologies for Epidemic Management: Obstacles, Opportunities and Outcomes by Dr. Sonny Kohli, Co-Founder, @CloudDX

4. Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 by Ms. Elie Losleben, Faculty Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Health, Singularity University

5. Leading in a Disruptive Age: A Survival Guide by Dr. Scott Bolland, Co-Founder, The Agile Life

6. The Future of Leadership is Radical by Mr. Bradley Twynham, Faculty Leadership, Innovation, Singularity University

7. Global vs Thailand & SEA Investment Post-Pandemic Outlook by Ms. Mukaya Panich, Chief Venture and Investment Officer, SCB10X, Mr. Tong Hsien-Hui, Executive Director, Venture Investing, SGInnovate

8. The Future of Work "A Global Perspective" by Mr. Gary Bolles, Chair for the Future of Work, Singularity University

9. Five Best Practices to Create Your Future of Work by Ms. Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group

10. Startups & Entrepreneurs: The Key to Economic Recovery by Ms. Stacey Ferreira, CEO, Forge

SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020, organized by Exponential Social Enterprise Co., Ltd., is sponsored by SCB10X, Ananda Development PCL. and depa. For more information or further activities please visit or SingularityU fanpage :

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