Chula collaborates with PacRim to introduce a life skill course developed from the world-famous "7 Habits" principles

General News Friday November 27, 2020 13:36 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Associate Professor Nuvee Prapasarakul, Director of General Education (GenEd), Chulalongkorn University, said Chula has joined force with PacRim Education to introduce the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People for College Students" developed based on the principles found by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, the late Founder of FranklinCovey, as the "Learning & Embracing Life Skills" subject for Chula students to choose among the GenEd's elective courses in the second semester of the current 2020 Academic Year.

Chula has considered this new GenEd course can help its students to enhance their learning about life skills based on the principles, that they can use to develop themselves and their interrelationship with others to become a highly effective people, and those can be beneficial for students who aspire for any future career paths.

"This is a golden opportunity for Chula students to learn all these sciences that will certainly be useful in their future career life, based on these '7 Habits' that are recognized internationally. Therefore, I would like to invite our students to choose this course to learn about proactive mindset, setting life purpose, daily activities planning, listening skills, negotiation techniques, as well as to practice life-long learning approach. I do believe that the most effective way of learning involved the ones that are applicable in real life, and thus this "Learning & Embracing Life Skills" course is one answer for the drive to develop leadership identity for Chula students."

Porntip Iyimapun, CEO and Founder of PacRim Group, said the leading Thai consultancy is pleased to be entrusted by the General Education and the Chulalongkorn University to introduce the "7 Habits" principles, which are highly popular in both corporate and the education worlds for Chula students to choose as an elective course called "Learning & Embracing Life Skills." This move bodes well with the PacRim's mission to contribute to the development of high-quality human resources for Thailand.

"We admire the vision and initiatives of the management of GenEd and the Chulalongkorn Universities who open up this chance for Chula students to learn this subject which is part of the highly acclaimed course in corporate and education sectors worldwide."

Reflecting viewpoint of a new-generation business owner, Dr. Raweewat Maschamadol, CEO of the Masterpiece Hospital, said researches have found "specialist" knowledge contribute only 20 % of factors that bring most people to success whereas 80% come from certain skills, processes, mindset, and relationship or behaviors that we interact with other people which are the foundations of the 7 Habits.

Hereafter, I believes the proportion of Chula students who will become high achievers will increase in the future and this will certainly send a positive impact to the country and the society as a whole.

"I can say that if I could learn this (7 Habits) 10 or 20 years earlier, I ?my company would have been grown up at least 10 times more," said the Masterpiece Hospital owner.

About PacRim Education
PacRim Education is the exclusive representative of FranklinCovey Education in Thailand. We are part of the PacRim Group, the leader and pioneer in leadership development, organization culture, execution, transformation, and innovations. Our clients cover more than 80% of the top 500 companies in Thailand.

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