"IMPACT Touching Heart Sharing Love" brings smiles and happiness to the less fortunate at the Nonthaburi Shelter for Children and Families

General News Wednesday January 27, 2021 13:02 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

The new COVID-19 outbreak brings socio-economic impacts that have affected people from all walks of life. IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., led by Miss Jintana Phongpakdee (center), Director of the Corporate Communications Department, has gathered up donations of clothes, shoes, school supplies, and other necessities from IMPACT staff under the "IMPACT Touching Heart Sharing Love" project and delivered to needy people at the Nonthaburi Shelter for Children and Families. On this occasion, Mrs.Wasana Thongsom (2nd from left) Head of Nonthaburi Children's Home together with Mr.Surachai Wongpieam (1st from left) Head of executive of Nonthaburi Children's Home received the donations.

This project manifests a strong commitment of IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center to corporate social responsibility in business operations. IMPACT would like to send encouragement to frontline medical workers and all individuals involved in the fight against COVID-19 and believes that together we will soon overcome this crisis.

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