Eka Global: Food safety concern rises over Covid-19 pandemic Increasing global sales of longevity packaging confirms bright future

Economy News Thursday April 29, 2021 13:27 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Eka Global: Food safety concern rises over Covid-19 pandemic Increasing global sales of longevity packaging confirms bright future

While Covid-19 pandemic continues, global longevity packaging demand has been increasing rapidly. With this strong trend, Eka Global, a leading longevity packaging producer, has enjoyed significant global sales increase of longevity package for both human and pet food products. The company also encourages Thai SMEs to join its product shelf-life extension program to capture the opportunity provided by rising global demand for food safety and to expand regional and international markets.

According to Mr. Chaiwat Nantiruj, Group CEO of Eka Global Co., Ltd., the company's survey on food producers buying longevity packaging from the company showed that food safety has become the top priority during Covid-19 pandemic, especially during the third wave of Covid-19 in Thailand. At the same time, consumers are looking more for food products with longer shelf-life as they adopt work-from-home or prepare for self-quarantine.

The survey also showed that the demand for longevity packaging was increasing as both business sector and consumers are adopting the New Normal lifestyle. While consumers adopt work-from-home and buy things online to reduce risk of infection, business sector sees growth in e-commerce activities. People are more concerned of health, buy more hygiene products and order food online, which has driven demand for food packaging with high safety and quality. Together with this trend comes more business opportunity for SMEs.

"Eka Global's longevity packaging products are rigid barrier packaging that can extend food product shelf life up to two years without keeping them in the fridge. Consumers can simply place the packaging in microwave oven, which is very easy and fits well to the New Normal lifestyle," said Chaiwat.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has drive our business growth in all markets from US, Europe, Japan to India. And, it is not only for human food products, but the packaging for pet food business also grew significantly in parallel. Pet lovers also increased concern over their pet's health. Considering all these trends, we are confident that our total sales for 2021 will reach 1,200 billion-1,300 billion baht, or 35% growth over 2020 as projected."

Staying true to its commitment to help Thai SMEs grow, Eka Global will also help Thai SMEs in the food business to have easy access to new food processing technology that helps extend their product shelf life and increase food safety standard, which are considered key pain points of the food business. When such pain point is eliminated, Thai food producer SMEs will be able to strengthen their business and increase opportunity to grow in international markets.

Although Eka Global cannot organize road shows as planned, its shelf-life extension program continues. Its test lab also opens for the service, allowing Thai SMEs to test and improve their packaging for longer product shelf-life using the innovative Modified Atmosphere Packaging Process (MAP).

Interested persons can send their product to submit shelf-life extension program free of charge. For more information, please call 038-574-187 or click www.eka-global.com

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