Finema—a deep-tech Thai company that aggressively lays down the path for cutting-edge identity technology to Vietnam and APAC

Technology News Wednesday July 21, 2021 17:08 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Finema—a deep-tech Thai company that aggressively lays down the path for cutting-edge identity technology to Vietnam and APAC

Finema is the first decentralized digital identity firm in Thailand and among the only few in Asia. Finema has developed proof and verification systems for digital identity under the paradigm of self-sovereign identity (SSI) by using the distributed ledger technology as a decentralized data registry. Many of its properties such as immutability and other defining characteristics allow for a platform in which digital transactions can be made fast and securely.

As another step in its expansion effort into the Asia-Pacific region, Finema has been selected, along with other eleven startups, for active participation in Batch 3 of the Vietnam Global Innovation Program, powered by Quest Ventures in partnership with Global Innovation Alliance by Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Board. We have learned and taken part in discussions about many valuable topics, such as market access and go-to-market (GTM), business regulations and legal considerations, tech talent, and establishing local teams, the Hanoi startup ecosystem, how to navigate the business environment, and regional innovation in Vietnam. Business matching sessions were also provided.

"We trust that this program has not only benefited us in so many ways, but also led to strong ties that we can always rely on as we develop our strategy for market entry into Vietnam," says CEO and founder of Finema, Pakorn Leesakul.

Currently, Finema is looking for strategic partnerships and actively fundraising in pursuit of penetrating the Asia-Pacific market in earnest, as well as accelerating its cutting-edge product development. This will help it achieve another significant milestone in changing the world with the power of decentralized digital identity and many other promising technologies, such as password-less authentication and zero-knowledge proof.

About Finema:

Finema is the first decentralized digital identity company in Thailand. Founded in 2017, the company aims to change the world by means of decentralized digital identity technology. Finema works with the private sector and the government to implement sophisticated innovation to solve real-life problems for the people. Finema believes in creating a positive impact, not just buzzwords. The company is a major player in decentralized digital identity development.

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