AIS Fibre sets a new industry standard for sustainable home broadband internet with superior services experience

Technology News Tuesday September 14, 2021 14:08 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

AIS Fibre sets a new industry standard for sustainable home broadband internet with superior services experience

AIS Fibre sets a new industry standard for sustainable home broadband internet with superior services experience 24-hour reassurance as Thai public spend more time online. Underlining leadership in all value proposition aspect: Forward, Better, Simple

As strict measures to contain COVID-19 continue that people have been living in a completely new world, whether in business, the industrial sector or education. The internet has become an essential factor and key economic driver requiring uninterrupted high quality. AIS Fibre has given top priority to service quality excellence, and has set a new standard in the home internet sector with a focus on improving services sustainably for greater benefits, rather than merely competing on price. "Service Innovation" strategy combines the strengths of the entire company and its partners in maintaining their commitment to providing the highest quality service, 24 hours a day.

Kitti Ngarmchatetanarom, Head of Fixed Broadband Department at AIS, said, "The home internet market has shown increased demand since the start of the year, as people returned to working and learning from home. It has become the beating heart of economic continuity and life in the NOW normal. From our point of view, usage behavior has changed in interesting ways. Volumes have increased 40% during the three waves of Covid-19, while video conference applications and content streaming have experienced massive growth which has doubled over last year. The number of devices used in each household has also doubled. All of this shows the crucial role of home internet for consumers. It is the mission of every member of AIS Fibre team to put our effort and use every method to deliver good experiences and convenience to our customers, with the smoothest connections to improve their quality of life in every situation."

For these reasons, AIS Fibre has increased our concentration into every aspect of the work. Start from improving internet signal quality and expanding wider coverage areas to serve customer's demand. But most critically, it has upgraded superior service quality with the strategy of Service Innovation. This combines the strengths of every stakeholder, whether AIS Fibre employees, the sales team, Call Center agents, shop staffs, installers, engineers, support teams and business partners. It has been able to synergize with technology and automatic processes connecting the entire system, from the front end teams on customer-facing to all the back office management systems. Including Dashboard & Monitoring Tools that have enabled situation updates, which ensure every household is looked after according to the conditions, and issues are addressed as soon as they arise to resolve it immediately.

All of this highlights the dedication of AIS Fibre to be the first and the only internet broadband provider to make service improvements a key competitive edge in maintaining customer commitments. This includes 24-hour customer care to ensure uninterrupted internet.

Kitti continued, "Services are the key strategy constituting AIS' brand DNA, in which we have established leadership continuously. Service Innovation has become a goal to differentiate the company in a market dominated by price competition, which is not the true way to work for AIS Fibre.

"Now our superior services have become concrete, and customers can experience them for the greatest satisfaction. The process starts with investment in smart networks to provide the necessary quality to customers at all times. We have expanded service coverage to every province of the country. We have mobilized a workforce, both customer-facing and supporting behind the scenes. Serving customers'need from selling to installation and after sales service, under three standards to uplift home broadband internet to the next level: "Fixing any problem in 24 hours" standard is about giving recommendations and remedying customer issues for uninterrupted service. "Fast installation" standard is about giving customers use of the service with an installation as quickly as possible. Finally, there is the standard, "Staffs come punctuality at the appointed time" no matter for home installation, providing service, customer care or troubleshooting."

Kitti spoke about the goals of AIS Fibre. "In just a few years of AIS Fibre entering the home internet market, we have successfully joined the leaders of this segment with a customer base of over 1.53 million households. We beat the market with reflected on revenue growth of 21%Y-o-Y which has been above an industry's growth continuously. We believe that the key for future growth, beyond products and services innovation that customers want, is a high-quality signal that is fast, strong and stable. Another challenge is providing smooth and uninterrupted services for customers, to give them the best experience. All of these factors have enabled our sustainable growth to become the number one brand in consumers' minds, which will enable us to gain ultimate leadership."

About AIS Fibre
AIS Fibre is a high-speed broadband internet service provided by Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited (AIS). AIS is the leading Digital Life Service Provider with the most frequency bands totalling 1450MHz, with over 43.2 million users (as of June 2021). AIS Fibre launched in 2015, and transformed the home broadband internet market by being the first to use 100% fibre optic technology. The network has now been expanded to cover all 77 provinces of Thailand with over 1.53 million subscribers (as of June 2021), the fastest service rollout ever. The company continues to innovate to provide the best user experience to customers.

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