Bangkok Bank accelerates its Digital Banking strategy by joining Counter Service to expand Be My ID at 7-Eleven while increasing access to government relief measures

Stocks News Wednesday September 15, 2021 10:23 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bangkok Bank accelerates its Digital Banking strategy by joining Counter Service to expand Be My ID at 7-Eleven while increasing access to government relief measures

Bangkok Bank is accelerating its Digital Banking strategy with the continuous expansion of services to support digital lifestyles. Recently, the Bank joined Counter Service Co., Ltd. to add channels for identity verification to open savings accounts via the Be My ID service at more than 13,000 7-Eleven stores nationwide to support the growing demand for transactions via digital channels while increasing access to government relief measures and supporting Covid-19 control measures.

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President Prassanee Ouiyamaphan said to achieve the goal of becoming a digital-first bank, Bangkok Bank places great emphasis on accelerating its digital transformation. The strategy focuses on innovation and technology development to create a digital platform to offer products and services that meet the needs of and are in line with customers' current lifestyles. The Bank has continuously improved its digital banking services, especially the upgrade of Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking to meet the needs of customers in transactions, investments, and functions for digital lifestyles such as cardless withdrawal, overseas funds transfer as well as online account opening for e-Savings and funds.

The Bank's objective is to enhance the digital experience for customers and enable seamless and convenient transactions. Therefore, the Bank has increased options and expanded the service points for identity verification using Citizen ID or Be My ID via counter service in 7-Eleven stores with more than 13,000 locations across the country that can support transactions 24 hours a day (service hours of the specific store may change depending on the area where official measures have been announced). This service, which will provide greater convenience to customers, will start from September 15, 2021 onwards.

Mrs. Prasanee added that the service will be of great benefit and convenience to customers in the current situation where many areas are under Covid-19 control measures. Bank branches that are still open must comply with control measures by limiting the number of people and adjusting service hours which may affect customer service. Therefore, the Bank has tried to encourage customers to make transactions via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking for their safety, particularly to open e-Savings accounts which can lead to other transactions such as savings, funds transfers, top-ups, payments for products and services as well as investments with greater convenience as customers do not have to visit a branch.

The Bank expects higher demand from customers to open a savings account to receive financial aid and other relief measures from the government which will be paid to an account linked to PromptPay. Customers opening a savings account with Bangkok Bank for the first time will need to verify their identity. These customers can use the Be My ID service to verify their identity at 7-Eleven which has a great number of easy-to-access branches and provide fast and convenient services. Current Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking customers can open an e-Savings account immediately.

"Be My ID is like a door to link and facilitate customers to make transactions by themselves conveniently and reduce limits on the Bank's service and working hours. Recently, 13,000 service points in 7-Eleven by Counter Service have facilitated customers to make various transactions including deposit and withdrawal more conveniently. The Bank believes this service will be well received by customers," said Mrs. Prasanee.

Counter Service Company Limited Senior Vice President Mr. Weeradej Ackapolpanich said the collaboration between these two companies have promoted digital transactions as an alternative channel for Bangkok Bank customers. Counter Service's service points are available nationwide in 7-Eleven outlets and can reach customers and communities in many areas to provide convenient and fast services. This has also supported the government's social distancing measures during Covid-19.

Customers who want to open an e-Savings account can download the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app to open an account online and verify their identity via By My ID. Customers can bring the 7-digit code received from Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking together with their ID card (smart card) to any 7-Eleven store to perform the authentication to open an account, available 24 hours a day (service hours may change depending on the area where government measures have been announced). The process at the store will consist of entering the 7-digit code, inserting your ID card into the electronic data capture machine (EDC), taking a photo and receiving a statement indicating successful authentication. Customers can now use the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app to open an account and start using their e-Savings account immediately.

Get a free Shopee discount code or Starbucks e-Coupon worth 200 baht when applying for the Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking app, opening an e-Savings account, and completing two transactions within seven days after successfully opening an e-Savings account from September 1 to November 30, 2021. In addition, customers can apply for the PromptPay service by themselves via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking.

For more information about e-Savings account opening, the authentication process including Be My ID service points and other bank information, please visit, Bangkok Bank Line Official or call 1333 or 0 2645 5555.

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