Food delivery platform "Robinhood" and "Shell" tag team to support restaurants survive with a "Taste of the Legendary" campaign delivering the "Shell Shuan Shim" food experience to doorsteps

Economy News Friday September 17, 2021 11:21 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Food delivery platform

In a continued effort to support small eateries, homegrown food delivery platform Robinhood recently joined hands with The Shell Company of Thailand Limited and M.L. Parson Svasti to promote the "Shell Shuan Shim" legacy of guaranteed deliciousness trusted by Thai consumers for over sixty years. The campaign will see the Robinhood platform featuring over 1,000 delicious dishes from over seventy top restaurants ready to be delivered to the app's more than two million users. It is hoped that the campaign will help increase opportunities and sales, extending a lifeline to restaurant operators and offering more alternatives and varieties catering to the tastes of customers.

Mr. Srihanath Lamsam, Managing Director of the Robinhood food delivery platform developed by Purple Ventures Co., Ltd., said, "Recognizing the ongoing hardship brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Robinhood stands firmly in its mission of supporting food shops, especially small establishments. Staying true to our commitment of not charging GP fees, we want to reduce the cost of doing business so that listed restaurants will be able to get through this difficult period. To make our support more meaningful, Robinhood has joined forces with The Shell Company of Thailand Limited to launch a "Taste of The Legendary" campaign in a bid to bring to the platform over 70 restaurants in Bangkok and vicinity offering guaranteed deliciousness from the "Shell Shuan Shim" food guide. The move will help increase opportunities and boost sales for these restaurants, while allowing over two million Robinhood users to enjoy delicious food delivered directly to their doorsteps. Apart from reducing the spread of the coronavirus, we also believe that every order will support the morale of small players during this difficult and challenging time, both restaurants and delivery riders alike."

Mr. Ruengsak Sritanawiboonchai, Executive Director of Mobility Business for The Shell Company of Thailand Limited noted, "For over sixty years, Shell Shuan Shim has been a symbol of guaranteed deliciousness for Thais. It is yet another reflection of Shell's mission and intent to fulfill happiness through making a variety of delicious food more accessible through the Robinhood delivery platform. It will also help support restaurant operators by enabling them to shine even further. Every restaurant has passed the Shell Shuan Shim criteria in terms of delicious taste and being uniquely worth trying. This collaboration with the Robinhood primarily aims to assist restaurants by increasing their sales opportunities. Customers can also enjoy food with guaranteed deliciousness in the Shell Shuan Shim style without the risk of leaving their homes. It is also an opportunity to send encouragement to both small and large restaurant operators to help them boost sales from food delivery channels."

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