DHL launches international brand campaign to celebrate the release of the new James Bond film, No Time To Die

Economy News Friday October 8, 2021 09:03 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

DHL launches international brand campaign to celebrate the release of the new James Bond film, No Time To Die
  • Campaign shows the efficiency and reliability of DHL
  • Heart of the campaign is an international TV commercial, focusing on stronger emotionalization of the DHL brand
  • DHL is the Official Logistics Partner of No Time To Die

DHL has launched a new campaign celebrating the longstanding partnership with the James Bond film and showcasing the essence of excellent delivery services. At the heart of the campaign is a TV commercial that pays homage to the iconic film franchise, marking the fifth time DHL has provided the transport and logistics solutions to James Bond.

"We are incredibly proud of the support DHL has provided to the last five James Bond films. To pull off a feat of this magnitude requires world-class professionals from the No Time To Die film to bring alive the Bond-franchise in the DHL commercial, and at the same time showcase DHL's capabilities in a fun and engaging way. We are honored to show the world how DHL Express leverages the experience and local know-how to navigate through challenges. We remain as the international express logistics partner you can rely on even if the mission is unusual or complex", says Herbert Vongpusanachai, Managing Director, DHL Express Thailand and Head of Indochina.

To create a TV commercial that contained the same levels of intrigue and excitement as a Bond car chase, the team chosen to create, orchestrate and deliver it were essential. The commercial features the iconic Aston Martin DB5 which was driven by Bond stunt driver, Ben Collins, who worked alongside No Time To Die's assistant stunt coordinator Pete White. Shot by award-winning director Adam Berg at Smuggler, the ad also boasts No Time To Die's Linus Sandgren as Director of Photography. The creative concept was developed by DHL's lead agency 180 Amsterdam.

With the campaign, DHL relies on storytelling which strives for a stronger emotionalization of the brand. Set in Shanghai, the ad follows a DHL courier as he sets out to deliver a vital package to James Bond. As he arrives at the assigned location to meet Bond, the handover is interrupted, and a high-speed car chase ensues. As 007 is pursued through the streets, the courier avoids the chaos to deliver the package to an updated delivery address, safely and efficiently.

In addition to the TV spot, the campaign will be aired internationally across all digital channels, both in the form of digital banners and video as well as print ads. Further information, behind the scenes material and the TV spot in full length can be found on the dedicated landing page

No Time To Die is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and stars Daniel Craig, who returns for his fifth and final film as Ian Fleming's James Bond. The film will be released in cinemas on 7 October 2021 in Thailand through Universal Pictures International.

7 facts behind the scenes of No Time To Die and DHL logistics partnership

  1. Since Casino Royale (2006), this is the fifth time DHL have been responsible for the transport and logistics solutions related to the shooting and production of the 007 films.
  2. For the highly anticipated No Time To Die, DHL moved the film and stunt equipment between locations in Norway, Jamaica, Italy and around the UK. From the legendary Aston Martin to key props, DHL's logistics experts ensured everything was delivered on time.
  3. Eight replica Aston Martin DB5 were built for the production of No Time To Die.
  4. Making a film like No Time To Die is a marathon, not a sprint. For 604 days, we shipped everything from the first costumes to the final film footage.
  5. DHL Express logged a total of 948 shipping clearance documents for all the cross-border shipments for No Time To Die.
  6. In total, DHL transported 11,039 kg of costumes around the world for this 25th James Bond film. We also helped deliver the iconic bikini which featured in DR. NO to Ian Fleming's GoldenEye villa in Jamaica for No Time To Die's start of production announcement.
  7. Although portraying a set in Shanghai, China, the DHL commercial was filmed in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Watch again at or watch it on DHL Express Thailand's social media.

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