Let's Fiesta: Mexican Pop-Up Cantina Concept Takes Over Manao Bar at Avani Pattaya Resort

Travel News Friday October 15, 2021 17:29 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Let's Fiesta: Mexican Pop-Up Cantina Concept Takes Over Manao Bar at Avani Pattaya Resort

Manao Bar, Avani Pattaya Resort's popular tropical swim-up bar, is swapping phad thais for tacos and coconut water for fruity concoctions as part of a two-month Mexican promotion.

Linked to the resort's main swimming pool, the swim-up bar is shaded by lush tropical greenery, offering a popular splash pad for adults and a respite from the tropical sun. From now to 30 November 2021, a pop-up Cantina concept will be serving instantly recognisable dishes inspired by Mexican gastronomy, using mostly local ingredients, and will feature classics like beef nachos, chicken and beef tacos, cheesy chicken quesadillas and chicken fajitas.

Better still, guests can enjoy these easy snacks, refreshing mocktails brimming with sugary, colourful syrups and citrusy flavours, and pool games without having to ever leave the water. A soundtrack of suitably laidback tunes will serve as the perfect complement to the sunny weather of Pattaya. Guests looking for photo opportunities won't be disappointed either ? sombreros and mariachi-themed decorations alongside the bar hit all the right notes.

Manao Bar /Cantina is open Monday - Thursday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Friday - Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. For more information, please email pattaya@avanihotels.com or call +66 38412 120.

Avani Pattaya Resort has received the SHA Plus certification for completing vaccination and for its heightened hygiene protocol, and is looking forward to welcoming guests for a worry-free holiday.

About Avani Pattaya Resort

Offering an easy escape from the big city, Avani Pattaya is a tropical oasis of sun, sea and sand nestled within a fun-filled seaside playground. Its 300 stylish rooms and suites are located just a few minutes from the beach, while a lifestyle mall next door offers shopping and indoor activities for families.


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