Chia Tai Plants Trees in Support of "CP 100 Save the World" Project To Increase Green Spaces and Reduce Global Warming

General News Thursday October 21, 2021 11:39 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Chia Tai Plants Trees in Support of

Mr. Manas Chiaravanond, Chief Executive Officer of Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, has recently planted a tree in the garden in front of Chia Tai Headquarters, Sukhumvit 60, in support of "CP 100 Save the World" under CP for Good Deeds targeting at planting 10 million perennial trees within 2030 and ultimately achieving a net-zero carbon emission goal.

"Trees play an important role in people's lives. They are, however, frequently neglected. Trees provide us with clean air and water. As a longstanding innovative agricultural company, Chia Tai has always realized the importance of the environment because it is critical to agriculture and preserves the nature's balance. As a result, we have always advocated for long-term solutions to environmental issues through numerous initiatives. Chia Tai is willing to contribute to the CP 100 Save the World initiative by planting a Rosewood tree in front of Chia Tai Headquarters, which is an open space near public roads. Trees provide shade and oxygen to local pedestrians while also helping to minimize CO2 emissions from cars," said Mr. Manas Chiaravanond.

Apart from environment preservation, CP 100 Save the World project also creates jobs and income for farmers and people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by employing them to plant trees for the project. There are various types be trees to be planted, including Iron Wood, Rosewood, Burmese Padauk, Makha, etc. so as to ensure biodiversity. All in all, the contribution reemphasizes Chia Tai's commitment to operate business while focusing on sustainability in all aspects and enhancing people's quality of life on a sustainable basis by fostering agricultural innovations through quality products and services.

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