Pruksa Announced 3rd Quarter Operating Results, Growing 24% ViMUT Hospital Has Recently Opened Diabetes Center, Destined to Rise at Forefront of Thailand

Real Estate News Tuesday November 16, 2021 17:18 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Pruksa Announced 3rd Quarter Operating Results, Growing 24% ViMUT Hospital Has Recently Opened Diabetes Center, Destined to Rise at Forefront of Thailand

Pruksa announced its 9 months operating results, reaping 20,067 million baht in sales, soaring 24% compared to the previous year, with the total revenue of 19,192 million baht and a net profit of 1,364 million baht. The Company also achieved in reducing its inventory by 57%. In Q4, Pruksa is launching 9 new residential projects, proceeding to offer a special campaign "Year-End Sale Triple Discount." Meanwhile, ViMUT Hospital affirmed its readiness in the new Diabetes Center, in cooperation with Theptharin Hospital, its affiliated hospital, highlighting its advanced specialization, groundbreaking technology and top-notch health care quality, while promoting Safe Save Surgery that offers utmost safety and quality care at affordable prices.

Mr. Piya Prayong, Chief Executive Officer, Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited, revealed the overview of the real estate market in Bangkok and its vicinity during the past 9 months that the total market value stood at 223,614 million baht or 7% growth. The single detached house market grew most remarkably at 30%. Other segments, however, remained relatively negative or stagnant. The market inventory, currently amounting to 204,199 units, decreased 8% compared to the previous year. In the past 9 months, the market has still remained vulnerable to stress, facing negative factors both from the economic contraction and the country lockdown, which have inevitably delayed the new project launches.

Still, Pruksa has maintained its healthy business growth. In the third quarter, the Company achieved 20,067 million baht in sales, or 24% growth compared to the same period last year, and 19,192 million baht in revenue, close to that of Q3 2020. The net profit came in at 1,364 million baht and the Backlog was at 22,958 million baht. In addition, over this reporting period, the Company was able to reduce inventory down to 57% from last year."

Besides, over the past 9 months, Pruksa has launched 22 new residential projects worth 13,040 million baht. In the final quarter of 2021, 9 new projects, valued over 8,540 million baht are to be launched, consisting of 5 town house projects, 3 single-detached house projects and 1 condominium project. Furthermore, in response to the government's Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio scheme, which provides customers 100% "no money down loans," Pruksa also helps customers save other expenses with its campaign "Year-End Sale Triple Discount," 1) Grand Sales Campaign, 2) No additional expenses, a waiver of all transfer-day expenses, an instalment waiver of up to 36 months and a waiver of common area expenses for up to 36 months, 3) Unlock LTV by offering the borrowers up to 110% of the home value with "no money down loans." Besides, customers will also receive additional privileges and special offers from the partner banks. Currently, more than a total of 140 single-detached house projects, townhome and condominium projects or 1,500 units, with the starting price of 1.29 million baht, are participating in this campaign. The promotion lasts until December 31, 2021."

Dr.Krittavit Lertutsahakul, Chief Executive Officer of ViMUT Hospital Holding Company Limited revealed that "ViMUT Hospital has fully operated for over 6 months, specially equipped with medical professionals, as well as top-notch medical technology and equipment. Recently, the Hospital has opened its latest Diabetes, Thyroid, Endocrine and Weight Management Center, strengthened by the team of doctors from Theptharin Hospital, its affiliated hospital, widely recognized for its specialty in diabetes and endocrinology for over 36 years. Unique in its high-quality health care with specialized medical professionals and ground-breaking innovation, ViMUT Diabetes Center would certainly emerge as at the forefront of Diabetes center in Thailand. The comprehensive services of Diabetes Center cover dietitians, Wellness Trainer, Foot Spa or Fundus Camera technology that help detect diabetic retinopathy The Center also offers a special package for diabetes patients so that they can better control their treatment expenditure. Other exclusive packages include a weight loss package to reduce the risk of diabetes.

As for the Safe Save Surgery, ViMUT Hospital has grouped some surgical treatments including knee surgery, eye surgery, gallstone surgery, etc., to provide safe, high-quality, and rapid recovery surgery for patients who can conveniently access the services at affordable prices.

Meanwhile, the construction of the ViMUT Health Center project located at Pruksa Avenue in the Bangna-Wongwaen area worth over 150 million baht, is still ongoing. ViMUT Health Center, a 50-bed health center is destined to provide comprehensive health care services including physical centers, senior care center, as well as Home Health Care service. The project is expected to open for serving the patients in late 2022.

In addition, ViMUT Hospital is joining hands with Pruksa to install amenities such as emergency buttons at Pruksa residential projects which will automatically connect with ViMUT Health Center or its closest partner hospitals. In this collaboration, Pruksa ensures that the design of the living space and common areas for its projects follows the Universal Design principles to accommodate its residents of all ages. For instance, the projects will be fully equipped with wheelchair ramps, play areas for children's development as well as other special privileges that are exclusive only to Pruksa residents, ranging from hospital room discounts, medicine discounts, health check-up programs and influenza vaccine package discounts. All these can best demonstrate that Pruksa and ViMUT Hospital always prioritize the well-being of residents, offering comprehensive care services both before and after moving in.

In addition, ViMUT Hospital has fully cooperated with the government's vaccination scheme. From May to October 2021, the Hospital has vaccinated over 100,000 Thai and foreigners altogether with Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Pfizer. From November onwards, those who have pre-ordered are also receiving Moderna vaccine at the Hospital, till 150,000 doses, the total order of the first lot, are reached as expected by the first quarter of 2022. The Hospital will further continue offering the second batches of Moderna for around 35,000 doses in 2022. According to the distributor company, the new batches of vaccine would continuously arrive in Thailand. This vaccination scheme aims at encouraging more people to develop their immunity so that Thailand can soon be well-protected from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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