Gushcloud and SL Experiences Bring Sneakertopia, The Largest Immersive Sneaker Pop-up Experience To Asia

Entertainment News Thursday January 20, 2022 11:06 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Gushcloud and SL Experiences Bring Sneakertopia, The Largest Immersive Sneaker Pop-up Experience To Asia

Sneakertopia, the largest immersive sneaker pop-up experience is coming to Asia after a successful flagship touchdown in Los Angeles. Together with Gushcloud and SL Experiences, Sneakertopia will launch in Seoul, South Korea this April 2022 after a successful pop-up participation at the Chongqing Jiebeifang International Consumer Festival in China. 

Sneaker culture is defined by artists, musicians and athletes who express their voice and passion through sneakers, a universal symbol of empowerment and performance regardless of background. Sneakertopia is an immersive exhibition built to honor this culture, featuring artworks of global and local artists whose street art masterpieces are influenced by sneaker culture in sports, music, film, art, and fashion. 

The first-ever Asia launch of Sneakertopia will happen in April in Seoul, the rapidly expanding entertainment and culture capital of Asia. Thereafter, the exhibition will travel around North and Southeast Asia for a wide variety of audiences to experience the world of sneakers. 

Emmy Award-winning producer Steve Harris and Silicon Valley Tech entrepreneur Steve Brown founded Sneakertopia with their intention to share the celebration of love for sneakers all around the world.

"Sneakertopia Asia is a dream that our team has been developing for years. We've had great success bonding over our love for sneakers in Los Angeles, and we wanted to bring this celebration over to Asia where a lot of people share the same passion," said CEO and co-founder Steve Harris. "Although we've had a few bumps in the road with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a great demand for offline experiences and we want people to experience and appreciate the transformative culture of sneakers."

Despite online experiences taking center stage during the pandemic, offline immersive experiences have not lost their charm. 

"Even amidst the COVID-19 closures we have seen the huge pent up demand for offline experiences, be it through retail or attractions," said Ross Leo, co-founder of SL Experiences. "Although the dependency in online and digital usage is undeniable, great offline experiences which incorporate elements of digital components like Sneakertopia will further increase visitors' experience and enjoyment."

Yet, there is no doubt that the meaning of experience has changed from something purely physical to one that is digitally enhanced. Technologically-enabled experiences have immersed visitors into a new dimension of experience economy.  Sneakertopia also incorporates a digital-physical hybrid experience with augmented reality integration that allows visitors to discover the story behind the sneaker culture icons and idols beyond what is visually present.

"As we've seen over the years, it's not just about the products anymore. The experience economy is booming and now is the perfect time for Gushcloud to be at the forefront of driving this trend further in the East and the West," said Althea Lim, CEO of Gushcloud International. "With Sneakertopia in Asia, we hope to bring in more experiences that people will love and that will shape the future of the experience economy in Asia."

The first major Asian pop-up experience will be witnessed this April in Seoul, Korea with detailed venues and dates to be announced soon.

For more information on ticketing, visit and follow Sneakertopia Asia on Instagram at

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