FWD Insurance wins Good Life Trailblazer Award from LSA Good Life Awards 2021

Economy News Thursday January 20, 2022 11:25 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

FWD Insurance wins Good Life Trailblazer Award  from LSA Good Life Awards 2021

FWD Insurance continues to deliver on our vision of changing the way people feel about insurance. We aim to make our customers' insurance experience simpler, faster, and smoother through our unique business model, our technology, and digital ecosystems, providing better customer engagement. Through our consistent brand campaigns with the theme 'Celebrate living', we strive to build trusted and long-lasting relationships with our customers and let them know that they have the peace of mind and protection for the future so that they can "celebrate living". With that, FWD Insurance has recently won the Good Life Trailblazer Award from LSA Good Life Awards 2021 by Lifestyle Asia, a leading Asian luxury lifestyle media.

Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Branding and Communications Officer of FWD Insurance said "We're proud to receive the Good Life Trailblazer award that marks another branding success story of FWD insurance. We want to make people feel that insurance can support them to provide them with peace of mind and be happy in their own lifestyles. With a customer-led approach designed to champion our customers' needs and create a desirable customer journey, we aim to be the trusted partner of our customers and encourage our customers to live life to the fullest so that they celebrate living."

The success in branding of FWD insurance has come from the company's vision, which is changing the way people feel about insurance. From the beginning, most people have perceived insurance as being complicated. In response to this, FWD Insurance has changed its presentation methods and new way of communicating through simple language that is easy to understand, sending positive vibes, caring and truly understanding the customers. This new approach led to the 'Celebrate living' campaign presenting a different aspect of insurance through daily happy moments or micro moments in a form of Musicumentary (Music + Documentary) via various platforms that reached out target groups both online and offline. This campaign has built and connected people with their micro moments, sharing a moment of happiness in different activities and lifestyles which reflected the image of FWD insurance that is ready to support everyone to live their lives to the fullest and celebrate living every day without worries.

In addition, FWD Insurance focuses on the customer-led approach through our 'Celebrate living' campaigns, as well as continuing to create brand experience through activities that match the lifestyles of customers. We use brand sensory or '5 sensory' to provide customers with new, unique and different experiences, and to communicate with our customers with a simple language, a straightforward message, and to present the right insurance products and services. For example, 'sense of sound', sending happiness and cheering up everyone during the new year celebration with the special song 'Joy of Living' by the famous singer, Wan Tanakrit. 'Sense of taste', together with lifestyles brands presenting collaborative products such as 'Guss Damn Good', which created a special ice-cream flavour, yuzu sorbet, and 'Drop by Dough' that created a special and unique doughnut new flavour, Mandarin Orange and Yuzu, and Kanom Bueang. All the products from brand collaboration created specifically for this campaign are being sold in store fronts so that customers can taste and enjoy the deliciousness and also feel and remember the FWD brand more as well.

Good Life Trailblazer is an award honoring an organization that makes a difference in ways that reflect their creativity, ingenuity, and innovative spirit, while making efforts revolving around changing perception, creating stories that inspire people in society. This includes original products, services, and marketing activities with a proven record of achievement. The LSA Good Life Awards honours 10 Good Life categories including Good Life Gourmet, Good Life Getaway, Good Life Guru, Good Life Green Hero, Good Life Glam, Good Life Glow Up, Good Life Hidden Gem, Good Life Newcomer, Good Life Trailblazer, Good Life Gamechanger.

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