It's Summer! Let's grow your own greens with Chia Tai Home Garden

Economy News Tuesday April 19, 2022 09:08 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

It's Summer! Let's grow your own greens  with Chia Tai Home Garden

Chia Tai Home Garden by Chia Tai, Thailand's leading innovative agricultural company, is launching brand-new vegetable and flower seeds for gardening lovers.

No matter what the weather is, Chia Tai Home Garden offers a variety of seeds that you can plant throughout the year. Three of them that can't be missed for this summer are first "Chinese Bitter Gourd Vista Plus seed", Chia Tai's newest gourd specie that is guaranteed for disease tolerance and can be planted throughout the year especially in summer where it produces the best. Second comes another Chia Tai's success "Pinmorrakot Flowering Pakchoy seed" and "Khaonuan Flowering Pakchoy seed" which are the first two F1 Hybrid Flowering Pakchoy in Thailand characterized by fast growing, beautiful flowers, large stem, and more vigorous and higher yield than other breeds.

Chia Tai Home Garden also offers vegetable seeds that are easy to grow, heat resistant, and delicious for every mean, including Green Noble Hong Tae Pakchoy, Tipsukon Sweet Basil, Homranchuan Holy Basil, Kannikar Holy Basil, Bitter Gourd, and Saiyud Bird Pepper. If you are a flower lover, you can't miss Petunias in assorted colors which can be planted in both flower pots and beds. Even in a tiny area, they can change it to a lovely and bright space of the house.

Chia Tai would also like to give some planting tips to everyone, regardless the weather in Thailand:

  • Regular watering i.e. morning and afternoon to keep the soil moistened.
  • Regular soil shoveling to keep the good ventilation and water absorption.

Chia Tai Home Garden seeds are now available in leading agricultural and modern trade stores, or please visit or Line: @homegarden, Facebook: Chia Tai Home Garden, and Shopee: Chia Tai Official.

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