Spotify Media Newsletter: The Spotify playlists made for Gen Z listeners and supports young talent!

Entertainment News Monday May 9, 2022 14:37 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Spotify Media Newsletter: The Spotify playlists made for Gen Z listeners and supports young talent!

Gen Zs are the movers and shakers of today and Spotify is proud to support young local talent and create exciting listening experiences for this generation!

Check out the newest teenage rising star on the cover of Fresh Finds Thailand playlist and the trendiest playlists designed for Gen Zs. 

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Artist Highlight

Praesun - Emerging Gen Z Artist on the First Cover of Spotify's Fresh Finds Thailand Playlist

Praesun, an 18-year-old TikTok star and up-and-coming artist, was the first artist selected to be on the cover of Spotify's new Fresh Finds Thailand playlist when it launched in April 2022. With the aim to support artists at the early stages of their careers, Fresh Finds Thailand features new artists and music of all genres and is updated on a weekly basis - a great space to constantly catch new talent.

Within two weeks of being featured on Fresh Finds Thailand, Praesun's debut single ใจหายอ่ะ สงสัยอยู่ที่เธอ (AirTag) moved up the ranks to #20 on Spotify Thailand Charts. Praesun shared, "I am so honored to be the very first artist on the cover of Fresh Finds Thailand playlist. The opportunity has helped me grow so much as a new artist releasing new music, especially since Spotify's influential and wide reach has allowed audiences around the world to discover my work."

What's New

The 3 Playlists You Need for every Love Mood & Moments

Love songs are hugely popular in Thailand, and to help more Gen Z listeners get in touch with their feelings, Spotify has recently rebranded three local love playlists with fresher, youthful content for any mood and moment. 

  1. คลั่งรัก(Crazy in Love)

For those in love, here's a romantic playlist featuring all the best Thai love songs! Immerse yourself in the loving vibes and groove to heartwarming tunes like เกินต้าน - Too Cute by PiXXie and ยอมทั้งใจ (You Make Me Smile) by Bright Vachirawit.

  1. โดนเท (Poured Out)

We all know love can sometimes hurt! For those mending a broken heart, this is a playlist to comfort you in tough times. Let your deepest feelings out as you listen to songs like กำลังตัดใจ by SERIOUS BACON and คงต้องบอกลาแล้ว by Dept.

  1. เป็นท้อ (Pentor - Peach)

This playlist is made for all the singles out there who are patiently waiting for love. Keep the love alive in your heart with catchy tracks like BELL WARISARA's แค่ใกล้ก็พอ (Distancing) and

TEE JETS' ตั้งใจมารักข้างเดียวอยู่แล้ว.

What's Trending

อินดี้โดนใจ (Thai Indie Hits) - Highlighting the Genre Beloved by Gen Zs

There's something about indie music that strikes a chord with Gen Zs across the globe. In Thailand, Spotify's อินดี้โดนใจ (Thai Indie Hits) playlist - featuring the best of local indie music - shows just how much Gen Z fans support this genre as they make up 60% of the playlist's listeners.

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