SET, BOT and OVEC jointly promote financial and entrepreneurial knowledge to vocational students and personnel

General News Thursday May 12, 2022 13:34 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

SET, BOT and OVEC jointly promote financial and entrepreneurial knowledge to vocational students and personnel

The Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC) today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to promote knowledge on the capital market and social & environmental sustainability, and signed another MoU with Bank of Thailand (BOT) to promote financial literacy. The collaboration with shared values aims to build financial immunity for the vocational students and personnel, and provide entrepreneurship practical knowledge to groom the students to become quality personnel who are ready to enter the job market and ultimately benefit the country's economic development. This project is expected to cover the target groups of over one million people.

OVEC Secretary General Suthep Kaengsanthia said that the MoU signing is aimed to continuously expand cooperation on promoting financial literacy through Fin. Dee We can do!!! Season 4 project, a financial knowledge competition designed to encourage teachers developing "teaching innovation", and let students think and initiate projects that apply financial knowledge to their daily lives and extend to business development. The collaboration has also been broadened to SET for the project to enhance knowledge of finance and business for vocational personnel to enhance the necessary basic financial literacy skills as well as modern entrepreneurship concept by creating e-Learning media to promote financial knowledge through SET e-Learning system in finance and entrepreneurship courses. The vocational students will reap advantage of the cooperation which will sharpen their financial skill and raise Thai youth potential to be a quality and important workforce for further development of the nation.

SET Senior Executive Vice President Soraphol Tulayasathien said that SET is committed to developing the capital market to benefit all sectors. A mission that SET has continuously put in a priority list for over 20 years is to promote knowledge and skills on financial planning for security in life.

"SET is confident that over 20 e-learning courses consisting of financial, investment and entrepreneurship courses developed by SET for the vocational students and personnel related to teaching business and entrepreneurship subjects at both Vocational Certificate and High Vocational Certificate levels through SET e-Learning, a learning platform for new generations, will be a means of passing on knowledge to learners and teachers in a convenient and efficient manner. This is a dimension of partnership to produce quality personnel for the society," said Soraphol.

BOT Deputy Governor Vachira Arromdee said that apart from the MoU signing, all three institutions: OVEC, SET and BOT will mark the launch of the "e-learning course on financial knowledge for vocational students". BOT has also launched the "Fin. Dee We Can Do!!! Season 4" project, which has been teamed up with OVEC since 2018, and invited the students to submit their projects to showcase and promote financial knowledge. The selected pieces of work will be awarded with certificates and cash, including prestigious banners for their institutions. The application will be open around mid-May.

In the past years, SET has continuously been cooperating with educational institutions nationwide. Since 2004, over 500,000 students have gained knowledge on finance and investment, and entrepreneurship via various activities and projects, such entrepreneur classroom, especially in the form of contents on the capital market and practical entrepreneurship topics for each institution's curriculum.

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