SCB & empeo announce Partnership to offer free HR platform as part of Payroll Solution for Small Entrepreneurs

Stocks News Thursday May 19, 2022 10:35 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

SCB & empeo announce Partnership to offer free HR platform  as part of Payroll Solution for Small Entrepreneurs

To shift up efficiency of Small Entrepreneurs in expanding and strengthen their businesses Operation, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) is upgrading its SCB Payroll service to help improve back-office operations for business Organization of fewer than 20 employees as part of its "Use SCB Payroll and Enjoy an HR Platform for Free" campaign. Entrepreneurs will be able to use empeo's HR platform at no cost for as long as they registered with SCB Payroll service, along with other benefits, helping business owners and employees fulfil their financial needs. SCB anticipates that at least 35% of its total customer base will participate in this campaign by the end of this year.

Discussing the new campaign, SCB Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Retail and Business Banking Officer Auraratana Jutimitta said that business owners need to accelerate business growth opportunities and increase the efficiency of their back-office operations by streamlining workforce and payroll management processes in this era where small businesses face multifaceted challenges due to fragile economic conditions. SCB has therefore partnered with Human Resource Management platform empeo, which offers modern features allowing entrepreneurs to use it out of the box by launching the "Use SCB Payroll and Enjoy HR Platform for Free" promotion when registered for SCB Payroll service. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees will be able to use empeo's HR platform as long as they use SCB Payroll, while entrepreneurs with more than 20 employees will be able to use the platform at a special discounted price. SCB anticipates that this campaign will meet the needs of new generation entrepreneurs and their employees, allowing them to enjoy numerous benefits, such as special interest rate on business loans, free debit card fees, free personal accident insurance, birth month privileges, and special interest rates of employee deposits and loans, among others.

"We've discovered that business firms are shrinking and increasingly adopting digital technologies for business operations during this pandemic era. These organizations therefore focus on fostering business expansion. In accordance with our mission, "To Be a Better Bank," SCB is enhancing its SCB Payroll customer service by providing empeo's HR platform at no cost to SCB Payroll customers in an effort to reduce their expenditures on workforce management software. This type of HR software typically incurs a minimum monthly cost of one thousand six hundred baht to business owners. This HR software solution will also increase the effectiveness of comprehensive organization management, including organization structuring, payroll and tax calculation, leave of absence approval, and digital document distribution to employees. This will help entrepreneurs to flourish, and the Bank aims to attract at least 10,000 small businesses interested in applying for the HR platform service this year," added Auraratana.

Jutiphan Mongkolsuthree, Chief Executive Officer of GoFive Company Limited, provider of the leading empeo HRM system, said, "We currently have over 1,000 corporate clients using the empeo HR platform. These companies are seeking to modernize and digitalize their operations. empeo features comprehensive workforce management tools that meet these requirements and are easy to use for employee data retention, time attendance, shift management, employee leave management, automatic salary and tax calculations, issuing e-slips, and more. Using a customer-centric approach, we are committed to developing software that provides an exceptional experience at an international level. The digital disruption of the current era has compelled many businesses to adapt their business models to market shifts. Successful businesses require effective management tools, and empeo will propel organizations forward in the digital age. We appreciate Siam Commercial Bank's confidence in us as their partner in assisting entrepreneurs. We hope that this partnership will benefit business owners by increasing their competitiveness."

Entrepreneurs interested in using SCB Payroll service can contact any SCB branch or the SCB Call Center at tel. 02-722-2222 or visit

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