The Okura Prestige Bangkok celebrates ten magnificent years with traditional "Taiko' and 'Kagami Biraki" ceremonies

Travel News Thursday May 19, 2022 15:35 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

The Okura Prestige Bangkok celebrates ten magnificent years with traditional

The Okura Prestige Bangkok celebrated a decade of service recently, spotlighting the Japanese flair for which the hotel has become renowned with a glorious 'Taiko' drum performance and traditional 'Kagami Biraki' sake ceremony to mark the significant milestone.

The festivities began with a dramatically energetic demonstration of Taiko drumming in the grandeur of the hotel's lavish lobby. An age-old tradition, Taiko is considered a heritage art and has been passed down in the Japanese culture for centuries. It is often performed on auspicious occasions.

The mesmerising performance was followed by another traditional Japanese ceremony of celebration, 'Kagami Biraki', in which a cask of vintage sake is broached for good luck. The ceremony, which took place on Saturday, 14 May 2022, was hosted by Niek Hammmer, General Manager of The Okura Prestige Bangkok; Toshihiro Ogita, President and CEO of Hotel Okura Co., Ltd.; Hidetoshi Ishimaru, Director Project Planning and Development; Stephan Auweele, Chief Hospitality Group Office; Rungruang Wirojcheewan, Head of Hotel Operation; and Matt Knights, Head of Hospitality Business.

Hotel guests and visitors were enthusiastic participants in the celebrations and following his speech of welcome they joined Mr. Hammer is raising a toast to The Okura Prestige Bangkok on its 10th anniversary and to its continued success.

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