Ira Concept launches a charity NFT collection called "The Vaginal Seasons"

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Ira Concept launches a charity NFT collection called

Ira Concept launches a charity NFT collection called "The Vaginal Seasons" in collaboration with 1b1 Taking social campaigns to new heights by connecting art with blockchain technology. Here, a new channel unlocks opportunities for people to create social impact through an NFT collection.

Ira Concept, developer of organic and biodegradable sanitary products, with 1b1, an NFT gallery, launches a charity NFT collection called "The Vaginal Seasons". This collection include artwork depicting emotions a menstruator experiences in a cycle from 4 Thai artists to raise awareness and take action on the period poverty issue. This campaign is launching on 28th May in honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, unlocking an opportunity for everyone to take part in the change together.

"The Vaginal Seasons" collection is a perfect combination between NFTs and a social campaign. By using art as a tool to address social issues they aim to destigmatise subjects that have been overlooked or hidden, and perhaps change the society's perception of issues regarding gender equality and period poverty. The campaign aims to normalise menstruation and emphasise the importance of menstrual hygiene management as a basic human rights practice. Period poverty exists widely in Thailand and the world, especially in vulnerable and low-income communities. Without access to basic necessity products like sanitary pads, they are directly affected mentally and physically.

Ms Varangtip Satchatippavarn, Founder of Ira Concept, said "the launch of "The Vaginal Seasons" collection is a part of our larger ongoing initiative and mission to destroy period poverty and period stigma. We want to change society's misunderstanding and negative perception of menstruation by using a different methods of communication, such as art. Menstruation is a natural process and sanitary products are a necessity. Moreover, this campaign enables everyone to support the cause and be a part of the movement at the same time. By donating and distributing pads, we can give back the dignity to menstruators in vulnerable communities and empower them to have a better quality of life""The Vaginal Seasons" collection presents the work of 4 talented artists with 4 distinct styles: meanlee, Reenp, Sasi Tee and Sprinkle on cake. Together, they produce 10,000 NFT artwork that depicts the different moods and phases a menstruator goes through in a menstrual cycle, with an outline of a vulva to transition into different stages."The Vaginal Seasons" will be launched on 28th May on the 1b1 platform in honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, where supporters can be a part of this social campaign from Ira Concept in 3 ways:(1) Buy an NFT in "The Vaginal Seasons" collection, where 50% of the price will be donated and equals 210 pads.(2) Buy a print from "The Vaginal Seasons" collection at 1b1 store, where 25% of the price will be donated and equals 80 pads for posters or 90 pads for framed prints.(3) Direct donation to the campaign via Ira Concept.Every option of participation above will directly go to the purchase and distribution of ira sanitary pads to women and children under the care of Luukrieng Youth Group and Karen Women's Organisation which are affected by period poverty.For more information on "The Vaginal Seasons" collection by Ira Concept in collaboration with 1b1 please go to and

About ira 

ira is the developer of organic and biodegradable feminine hygiene products. Our products are the most biodegradable (and comfortable!) option in Southeast Asia, and they're available through our subscription-based platform that is the first of its kind in Thailand. We also act as a movement that provides menstrual education, battles misinformation, and takes action against period poverty. Our "ira for all" initiatives provide sanitary pads to those in need within Thailand. So far, over 33,000 have been donated: to Karen people residing in refugee camps along the Myanmar-Thailand border, to migrant workers in Bangkok, and to vulnerable children and youths living in the Southernmost provinces of Thailand. Through ira's novel products, technology and initiatives, we are taking real action in the fight for period rights throughout Asia.

About 1b1 NFT Gallery

1b1 NFT Gallery Platform launches in Thailand in January 2022 from a vision to connect metaverse and reality together through new forms of art as NFTs and using NFTs as a licensed artwork in the real world. 1b1 hopes to provide an easier channel to connect collectors with emerging artists and access artwork from every corner of the world. 

1b1 is an entity from a collaboration between Doseart, an art and tech company connecting people with art and artists they love in both traditional and digital ways, and Opn, a Fintech startup providing all-in-one service platform under the vision "Access to the digital economy for everyone".

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