Ignite Fairytale Together Forever Moments with 'Okura Wedding Gifts' this summer at The Okura Prestige Bangkok

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Ignite Fairytale Together Forever Moments with  'Okura Wedding Gifts' this summer at The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Enchantment truly blossoms and couples rejoice in their unconditional love during the perfect wedding, which is why The Okura Prestige Bangkok offers captivating services and settings ideal for the weddings of any couple's dream. Great and grandly glittering or small and warmly intimate, the big day is made ultra-special for bride and groom and becomes an occasion that they and their families and friends will remember with happiness for a lifetime.

The team of wedding experts at The Okura Prestige Bangkok always seeks to craft the utmost mesmerising experience for not only the lovebirds but also their nearest and dearest. As the happy couple want to cherish their life-changing day, we understand the exhaustion they can face in the build-up to their union and so we shoulder the load to remove any and all distracting hassles and hitches.

This summer, when couples choose The Okura Prestige Bangkok as their wedding destination, they may be eligible for a complimentary 'Okura Wedding Gifts' package that eases the big day for bride and groom. The exclusive 'Okura Wedding Gifts' include seasonal afternoon tea for bride and groom; personalised Yukata for bride and groom; and an exclusive in-room Japanese hot-bath experience after the celebrations, private time in which to relax in tranquility together and reflect on a day of mutual happiness.

Cherish these moments of love and exclusive 'Okura Wedding Gifts' when planning your weddings at The Okura Prestige Bangkok. A minimum spend on the big day of Baht 800,000 net receives magnificent complimentary privileges such as a one-night stay in a luxurious suite inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons; 60-minute massage spa voucher at The Okura Spa for bride and groom; a beautiful Okura Wedding Cake; floral decorations and much more.

The fairy godmothers in the Okura wedding team are waiting to weave their magic and craft happily-ever-after moments never to be forgotten.

The 'Okura Wedding Gifts' wedding package is available when book the date and paying a deposit between 1 July to 31 December 2022. For more information about engagement and wedding celebration, please call +66 (0) 2 687 9000 or email catering@okurabangkok.com

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