"Tsubohachi" Japanese restaurant proudly presents 'Party Set' promotion for 899 baht only

Entertainment News Thursday June 30, 2022 09:01 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

"Tsubohachi", the authentic Hokkaido-style Japanese restaurant, launches "Party Set" promotion which features best-selling and signature menu items including sushi, sashimi, appetizers, and Japanese-style hot pot or nabe prepared by Japanese chefs for customers to enjoy choosing in 4 steps. The price is only 899 baht per set.  

Customers can enjoy the delicacy by choosing one dish from each menu category step by step. Starting off with Step 1, customers can select one from these menu items including "Salmon Mori" comprising salmon belly sashimi, salmon sashimi and ikura (salmon roe), "Salmon Zanmai", assorted salmon sushi platter with aburi salmon sushi, aburi hamachi sushi and salmon sashimi, and "Pork Rib Misozuke", pork rib marinated with miso sauce for 48 hours before being grilled with sake and served with salad and mashed potato. For Step 2, options include "Potato Mentaiko Yaki", a signature dish of sliced potato grilled with Hokkaido cheese and mentaiko, "Okonomiyaki Style Ika Tempura",  "Tonkatsu" (Japanese pork cutlet), and "Tempura Moriawase", shrimp and vegetable tempura served with signature dipping sauce. Step 3 is about salad and spicy salad, with options including "Zuwaigani Salad" (Hokkaido snow crab salad), "Salmon Spicy Yum", "Green Salad", and "Caesar Salad". Finally in Step 4, customers can choose one sukiyaki or nabe of their choice from available menu options including "Ishikari Nabe" (small), full-flavored soup with salmon and mixed vegetables, "Sukiyaki" (small), with a choice of pork or beef, "Butabara Hakusai Nabe" (small), cabbage and sliced pork cooked in a broth, and "Kimchi Nabe" (small), with a choice of pork or beef. Moreover, customers who opt for Party Set promotion can also enjoy delightful desserts like "Sakura Crystal Pudding", "Roll de Matcha", and "Crystal Mochi" at a special price of 69 baht only.

"Party Set" promotion will be available from 1 July - 30 September 2022 at five branches of Tsubohachi including "BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall" (Muang Thong Thani), "Cosmo Bazaar" (Muang Thong Thani), "Nihonmachi" (Sukhumvit 26), "The Promenade", and "Future Park Rangsit" (Zpell Zone).

For more information, please call 064-184-7109. For latest updates and new promotions, please visit Facebook and Instagram: TsubohachiTh or stay connected with the restaurant via LINE Official Account: @tsubohachith. 

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