General News Wednesday July 6, 2022 17:32 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL


Melissa Haydon-Clarke, Chargee d'affaires a.i of The New Zealand Embassy, (4th from left), New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand recently presided over the opening ceremony of Meet-Greet-Grasp Knowledge from world-class Animator Nikora Ngaropo hosted by the New Zealand Embassy and New Zealand Thailand Chamber of Commerce (NZTCC) to celebrate Matariki, Maori New Year 2022. Meet-Greet-Grasp Knowledge was part of Young Animators in Thailand (24-29 June) designed to motivate and engage Thai students are interested in animation and filming to give them tips and tricks for a pathway to related industries in New Zealand. The event was led by Nikora Ngaropo, a top animator from New Zealand with more than 20 years' experience in the animation and filming industry. He has been working with Weta Workshop, the award-wining company responsible for producing Avatar, The Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, Tin Tin and any more films.

From left

  1. Jaruwan Pongjaruwat (2th from left) Director of Education, Education New Zealand
  2. Melissa Haydon-Clarke, Chargee d'affaires a.i of The New Zealand Embassy (4th from left)
  3. NIKORA NGAROPO (5th from left)
  4. Maya Pearson, President NZTCC (6th from left)

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