Krungthai Panich Insurance continues its "Living Library Project - Kao Tee Prom for the Future of Thai Children" for the 9th consecutive year

General News Monday September 26, 2022 17:02 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Krungthai Panich Insurance continues its

Krungthai Panich Insurance Public Company Limited or KPI is moving forward with the project "KPI Kao Tee Prom for the Future of Thai Children" for the 9th consecutive year. As KPI does believe that children are the future of the nation and in line with our 'Step for Tomorrow Sustainability' policy, we are committed to support and promote education for young people by creating a chance in which everyone has access to books as well as online information sources. When books and online sources are within reach, a world of possibilities opens up.

Dr. Pongpanu Damrongsiri - President of Krungthai Panich Insurance Public Company Limited (KPI) said, "KPI has initiated an idea to improve the quality of provincial school libraries by supporting them with good books as well as modern tools and equipment. This is the project we have been doing continuously for 9 years. So far a total of 10 schools have been benefitted from this project. We want to encourage children to be able to learn on their own. A "living library" stocked with quality brand new books as well as modern hardware and software can encourage and welcome the children into the world of reading and also help to transform the quality of education. I have experienced it myself that for schools in these rural areas, library is served as the only learning center. KPI, therefore, is committed to continue working on this project each and every year to provide good quality school libraries in remote areas aiming to open up opportunities for children to be able to access up-to-date knowledge and information."

In 2022, KPI's 'Living Library' goes to Mae Win Samakee School located in Mae Wang District of Chiang Mai Province. It is a school under the Office of Primary Education. There are 540 students in total starting from Kindergarten 2 up to grade 12Mathayom 6. Most of them are tribal students. This is in line with KPI target in developing a living library for medium-sized school with approximately 500 to 1,000 students so that large group of students can benefit from our project.

A team of volunteer KPI employees including Dr. Pongpanu Damrongsiri - President and Ms. Suchavadee Sanganong - Senior Executive Vice President have visited Mae Win Samakee School to award a total amount of 500,000 baht for the renovation of the library, 60 sets of computer, sports equipment and a number of school bags. In addition, scholarships of 3,000 baht each were awarded to 96 students, totaling 288,000 baht.

The "KPI Kao Tee Prom for the Future of Thai Children"" project is therefore not only a project that provides financial support to schools. It is also a project that KPI intends to take seriously and with dedication, according to the 'Living Library' design concept, to bring rich and vibrant libraries filled with good books and good learning materials for school in remote areas.

KPI is proud to be part of this society in enriching education and uplifting quality of life of the children and give them the power to realize their ambitions and reach their potential that can support the sustainable development of the nation.

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