Bridgestone Welcomes Representatives from Department of Land Transport and Transport Operators to "Bridgestone Bandag Retread Center" and "Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground"

Economy News Tuesday September 27, 2022 16:56 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Bridgestone Welcomes Representatives from Department of Land Transport and Transport Operators to

Bridgestone Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led by the Commercial Solutions Business Group, has continued its cooperation with the Department of Land Transport to improve truck operation potential according to the memorandum of understanding. The Company welcomed the management and members from the Department of Land Transport, along with the transport operators, on their visit to Bridgestone Bandag Retread Center to inspect the retread tires production process. It was a chance for all visitors to enhance their understanding and reinforce confidence in the quality of Bridgestone's retread tires that have been passed the rigorous and standardized manufacturing process. All visitors also learned about testing and evaluation at Thai Bridgestone Proving Ground while exchanging insights with the Bridgestone members. It aimed to enhance the competitiveness of transport operators and raise the Service Quality Standard for Truck Operation (Q Mark) and Cold Chain Quality Standard for Truck Operation (Q Cold Chain) by the Department of Land Transport. Bridgestone has been a key business partner specializing in tire manufacturing and truck tire testing, recognized nationally and internationally.

Retread tires from "Bridgestone Bandag Retread Center" are developed by Bridgestone's advanced technology combined with Bandag's manufacturing process, a well-known factory at the forefront of the retread tire business producing high-quality PCT. Tires are retreaded by removing any worn tread surface, adding a new tread surface, and vulcanizing it so the tire could be reused. Compared to new tires, retread tires lead to cost savings for commercial vehicles and are better for the environment, as they use fewer resources than the production of all new tires. Therefore, with the state-of-the-art technology and thorough quality control, Bridgestone's retread tires are very popular among many customers in Asian countries. Furthermore, it is one of the leading quality products under B-Solution, a comprehensive professional truck and bus tire management program. It provides advantages in convenience, safety and reducing operating costs. To make it the best value for customers, Bridgestone delivers truly sustainable solutions and experiences in using Bridgestone tires that will help foster confidence and potential growth for transport and logistics operators.

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