Nokia showcases its latest 5G solutions at a media roundtable held in conjunction with Byond Mobile

Technology News Wednesday September 28, 2022 16:32 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Nokia showcases its latest 5G solutions at a media roundtable held in conjunction with Byond Mobile

At a roundtable held today in conjunction with Byond Mobile, Nokia underlined its commitment to supporting enterprises in Thailand in their 5G transformation journey and addressing many of the critical network innovation and automation needs.

Nokia participated in Byond Mobile 2022 held from September 28-29, 2022, at Samyan Mitrtown Hall, Bangkok. The company also showcased its latest innovations, along with hosting interactive demonstrations that ranged from enterprise and consumer 5G use cases to Industry 4.0 applications. Nokia's participation confirms its commitment to promoting industrial transformation and establishing 5G leadership corridor in Thailand.

As one of the earliest markets to launch 5G in the Asia Pacific region, Thailand is committed to leveraging 5G for economic and social development. The government of Thailand has long emphasized the use of technology to create additional opportunities and make Thailand a regional center for digital affairs, with a focus on deploying 5G technology in driving economic growth across multiple sectors including public health, education, transportation and agriculture.

As a recognized leader in 5G and networking for Industry 4.0, Nokia has worked to deliver enterprise solutions and enhance Thailand's enterprise and industrial ecosystems. It is committed to bringing purpose-designed solutions for Industry 4.0 digitalization and beyond.

At Byond Mobile, Nokia exhibited several 5G-enabled applications and solutions that demonstrated how 5G can deliver uncompromised performance for CSPs and enterprises. The company also demonstrated its market-leading position in RAN, IP, Optics, Cloud technologies and Enterprise business to provide mission-critical solutions for enterprise customers in Thailand, as well as the company's sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs to enable an overall better quality of life for Thailand.

The demonstrations included:

  • AirScale massive MIMO
    Nokia's AirScale massive MIMO Adaptive Antennas portfolio includes 32TRX and 64TRX for the TDD 4G and 5G mid-bands. Powered by Nokia new generation ReefShark System on Chip (SoC), these new generation massive MIMO antennas enable the deployment of beamforming optimized solutions covering all deployment scenarios, from dense-urban capacity to wide-area coverage.
  • Liquid Cooled AirScale
    As part of Nokia's AirScale Base Station portfolio, Nokia has embedded Liquid Cooling technology to make radio networks more sustainable and cost-efficient, namely by reducing the energy required to cool a base station to lower base station-related CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent.
  • 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)
    Nokia's 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) complements customers' mobile offering, bringing in new revenues and opening the door to new value-added services for homes and businesses. With FWA, customers can receive fiber-like broadband wherever mobile spectrum is available.
  • Enterprise 5G Private Wireless
    Nokia's industrial-grade private wireless powers Industry 4.0 digitalization. With a broad range of private wireless end-to-end solutions available, Nokia can deliver the flexibility and ease of use that organizations require to adapt to various industrial segment needs.
  • FP5 Router
    As the new core of Nokia's IP service routing platforms, FP5 will enable service providers to address today's unrelenting requirements to efficiently scale network capacity, enable new higher-speed IP services and provide unmatched protection against escalating network security threats via "ANYsec" security mechanism.
  • Immersive Shopping Experience
    With our Digital Operation Center and SA Core-Netguard Cybersecurity Dome, we can enable an immersive customer experience such as a cyber-physical augmented reality (AR)-enabled digital advertising ecosystem for the retail industry. AR will enable the customer to experience products and engage with the brand while having exclusive access to dynamically active in-store promotions/sales across the stores.

Ajay Sharma, Head of Nokia Thailand & Cambodia said: "With its continued efforts to expedite the harnessing of digital transformation solutions to drive economic growth, Thailand is one of the 5G markets with the highest potential for growth in the region. Our leading 5G solutions showcased during the exhibition are in support of Thailand's national strategy to create a value-based economy that is driven by innovation, technology and creativity. We are committed to supporting enterprises in Thailand throughout their 5G transformation journeys and addressing many of the critical network innovation and automation needs."

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