Unveiling 'Teppanyaki Sazanka' - a hidden gem crafting authentic Japanese Teppanyaki experience at Yamazato

Entertainment News Wednesday October 5, 2022 15:24 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Unveiling 'Teppanyaki Sazanka' - a hidden gem crafting authentic Japanese Teppanyaki experience at Yamazato

As The Okura Prestige Bangkok continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year, the hotel is pleased to announce the unveiling of a captivating new dining experience featuring a traditional Japanese culinary art form relished in a refined new setting called 'Teppanyaki Sazanka.'

This hidden gem, Teppanyaki Sazanka is offering a dedicated space in which to enjoy superb, authentic Teppanyaki as part of a refined Kaiseki dining experience. Intimate and warm, Teppanyaki Sazanka is an impeccable addition to Yamazato, serving an extensive choice of premium meat and seafood delicacies grilled-to-order over charcoal. This is the perfect spot to unwind and relax over great food and drinks with colleagues, friends and family at the end of a busy day.

Overseen by Master Chef Shigeru Hagiwara as part of his responsibilities helming award-winning Yamazato, at Teppanyaki Sazanka, he uses premium seasonal ingredients to create fine a la carte offerings and a wonderful 'Sazanka Experience Set,' which comes in four mouth-watering selections: the 'Sora Experience' with Satsuma wagyu tenderloin (100 grams), Canadian lobster, and Hokkaido scallop; the 'Hikari Experience' with chef's specially selected Kuroge sirloin (200 grams), large tiger prawn, and Australian abalone; the 'Hoshi Experience' with Satsuma Kuroushi wagyu sirloin (200 grams), large tiger prawn and Hokkaido scallops; and finally the 'Tsuki Experience' with snow fish (120 grams), large tiger prawn, Australian abalone, snow crab and Hokkaido scallop.

All four of the Teppanyaki experiences are inclusive of the chef's welcome amuse bouche of fried garlic rice served with miso soup and pickles, and a dessert choice of home-made ice cream or seasonal fruits.

For those who would prefer to pick and choose items from the chef's succulent a la carte menu, Teppanyaki Sazanka offers a sparkling showcase of meats and seafood that includes grade A4 Satsuma wagyu tenderloin (150 grams); chef's specially selected Kuroge wagyu sirloin (200 grams); cuts of Australian Angus beef (170 grams); premium beef hamburg (180 grams); blue lobster; foie gras; Norwegian salmon (120 grams); and succulent kurobuta pork (160 grams).

Whether you are a Teppanyaki fanatic craving a true taste of home or new to this characteristic art of char-grilling delicious delicacies, Teppanyaki Sazanka offers an authentic introduction to what is a fantastic Japanese culinary tradition.

The 'Sora Experience' is priced at Baht 5,600++ per set; the 'Hikari Experience' is priced at Baht 4,600++ per set; the 'Horashi Experience' is priced at Baht 3,600++ per set; and the 'Tsuki Experience' is priced at Baht 3,600++ per set.

Teppanyaki Sazanka at Yamazato restaurant is open daily from 11:30 hrs. to 14:30 hrs. for lunch, and from 18:00 hrs. to 22:30 hrs. for dinner. For more information and reservations please call +66 (0) 2 687 9000 or email: yamazato@okurabangkok.com

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