Bangkok Bank launches "Be1st Rabbit LINE Pay debit card 2022" with a new design targeting the young generation with "Beat & Play Collection" for Be1st Smart and Be1st Digital debit cards. Three promotions are on offer.

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Bangkok Bank launches

Bangkok Bank has launched Be1st Smart and Be1st Digital debit cards with a new design of LINE FRIENDS characters (Beat & Play Collection) to target a new customer base. Three promotions are on offer to attract online shoppers and suit digital lifestyles with a target to issue one million cards. The Bank is confident the cards will be well received by young customers.

Bangkok Bank Executive Vice President and Credit Card Division Manager Shoke Na Ranong said the Bank received good feedback from customers after the successful launch of the co-branded debit card with Rabbit LINE Pay, an e-wallet provider in Thailand, under the name of "Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay debit card" in 2019. The card helped the bank acquire young gen customers in line with the Bank's strategy.

To leverage the popularity of the card among fans of LINE FRIENDS, the Bank recently launched the new design of "Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay" that features lively cartoon characters under a theme of Beat & Play to make the card outstanding and give a sense of joy to cardholders. The card comes with a full range of debit card functions including making payments at stores using an EDC as well as online merchants, plus deposit-withdraw-transfers via bank ATM worldwide. This is also the first launch of a Contactless TPN UnionPay debit card. The "Be1st Digital Rabbit LINE Pay" debit card is a digital debit card (Virtual Card) that can be used to pay for goods and services at online merchants securely and users can control their online shopping through Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking. This suits the behavior and lifestyle of young people who are familiar with making online transactions including online purchases, food ordering, flight and accommodation bookings, movies and music, as well as linking debit cards with an e-wallet to pay for goods and services which helps strengthen the cashless society.

Customers can apply for the Be1st Digital Rabbit LINE Pay via Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking and use the card immediately to make transactions. Moreover, they can set the transaction limit, enable and disable the card, change the purchase limit and suspend the card 24 hours a day. A physical debit card will be provided and delivered to the customer's registered address. New customers can open an account and apply for the Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay debit card at any Bangkok Bank branch nationwide.

With the launch of the new debit card, the Bank offers three special promotions for new cardholders

  • 1st - Enjoy a waiver of the first year annual fee (worth 300 baht) from October 5, 2022 - December 31, 2022
  • 2nd - Receive 200baht LINE MAN discount codes every month when applying for the card from October 2022 - September 2023. (Discount code redemptions are limited)
  • 3rd - Enjoy 5% cashback worth a maximum of 200 baht every month when making a payment at participating online merchants including Air Asia, Agoda,, Central Online,, Spotify, Grab Food and Dolphin Wallet from October 2022 - December 2022. (Limit of 15,000 cashbacks throughout the promotion period).

Mr. Shoke added that the development of these new products received great cooperation from "Rabbit LINE Pay", an e-Wallet business partner that has experience in connecting to various services on the LINE platform such as LINE Shopping, LINE Man, LINE Sticker and LINE Melody. These are clearly contributing to user growth. At the same time, the Bank also has a cooperation with UnionPay, which provides a high-performance payment network and continually develops card technology. In this instance, it is a physical card with a contactless function that can be used to pay for goods and services by tapping. In addition, this is the first time that "Be1st Digital Rabbit LINE Pay debit card", a TPN UnionPay virtual card, is available on Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking. This co-creation helps create products in line with customer behavior in the digital age while boosting confidence and providing greater security for online transactions. Recently, Bangkok Bank's Be1st Digital debit card was awarded the 'Most Innovative Debit Card Offering Thailand 2022' in September 2022 by World Economic Magazine, the US online business magazine.

"The Bank aims to issue only one million Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay and Be1st Digital Rabbit LINE Pay debit cards. The sales of Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay cards will begin on October 5, 2022 at all Bangkok Bank branches, and Be1st Digital Rabbit Line Pay debit cards will begin selling on October 6, 2022. We are confident that these products will continue to be well received by customers as they were developed from the needs of customers and received cooperation and support from strong business partners so that they can perfectly meet the behavior and lifestyle of today's customers especially the new generation in the digital age. The Bank is ready to be their 'trusted partner' and grow together with them in the long term," concluded Mr. Shoke.

Mr.Vithaya Topoyossakul , Co-CEO, Rabbit LINE Pay, said that, " The previous co-branded debit card campaign has helped to expand our user base Nationwide. Users receive benefits from using the Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay debit card, which can be used to pay via offline and online.

This year, Rabbit LINE Pay has grown by 13% to over 9 million users. We are part of LINE Family, the number one messaging app in Thailand with over 55 million users.

Having come through the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless payment has become increasingly more important to daily life. Users can bind their debit cards with Rabbit LINE Pay and pay at more than 300,000 merchants. One of the most popular services is LINE MAN food delivery.

Mr.Vithaya added that, "Rabbit LINE Pay makes it more convenient for users to apply for the Be1st digital Rabbit LINE Pay through its dedicated icon on LINE app. With the new design, leveraging LINE FRIENDS characters, we are confident to attract the next generation of Bangkok Bank customers, who will enjoy exceptional benefits. This card will help to enhance customer base between Rabbit LINE Pay and Bangkok Bank."

Interested customers can find out more about Be1st Smart Rabbit LINE Pay and Be1st Digital Rabbit LINE Pay at or call Bualuang Phone 1333 or 0 2645 5555

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