Advantech partnering with Huawei in 5G and Cloud services

Technology News Wednesday November 23, 2022 10:10 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Advantech partnering with Huawei in 5G and Cloud services

Advantech Corporation (Thailand) and Huawei, have signed a cooperation MoU to accelerate Industrial AIoT applications for 5G smart manufacturing industries in Thailand.

Advantech, a leading provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and automation technology, and Huawei, a leading company in 5G & ICT solutions, aims to join forces providing automation edges to 5G network solution seamlessly. Both party also collaborate to bring AI to smart manufacturing via Advantech's WisePaaS/AIFS on Huawei's Cloud, simplifying AI development, training and maintenance in rapid change environments.

In an effort to leverage their mutual strengths, Advantech and Huawei cooperate on helping Thai system integrators to convert legacy system to a smarter manufacturing process thru an AIoT structured system. Given its potential in diverse industries, both parties are focused on the application development and deployment thru local eco-system partners.

This collaboration is expected to produce smart, highly-applicable products and technology solutions that meet the strict market demands while simultaneously being affordable for most customers.

Mr. Xusu, Chief Marketing Officer, Asia-Pacific of Huawei Technologies, it is excited to work with Advantech on their expertise area to accelerate more automation services from manufacturing and other rapid growth industries.  Thailand is one of our starting points for our joint collaboration in Asia Pacific.  Our goals are to assist industries can be maximizing productivities and efficiencies by using state-of-the-art technologies through this kind of ecosystem development and partnership. 

Mr. Matrix Choong, General Manager of Advantech Thailand, expecting that the signing of the MOU shall accelerate the digitalization in manufacturing industries. Most of the automation systems operate in Thailand are legacy PLC system, the urge to upgrade of these systems are huge. To address the challenges and pain points of the digitalization toward these legacy systems, Advantech & Huawei could play a significant AIoT enabler role. Both parties had been operating in Thailand over 10 years and been dominant in their own expertise area.

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