Stay With Me… Forever. Identity V X Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly Crossover is Online!

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Stay With Me… Forever. Identity V X Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly Crossover is Online!

The crossover between Identity V, NetEase's first 1 v 4 asymmetric competitive mobile game and Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly, the popular survival horror video game is now online. The lost old village echoes with the raving words of the haunting ghosts; a young girl stepping into the manor, facing a new round of pursuit and escape. Even when the soul runs away, can it escape its fate? or will it be trapped here forever?

Red butterfly starts to dance, as horror approaches.

Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly is the second game of the Project Zero series, and is regarded as one of the most horrifying video games ever. Twin sisters Mio and Mayu who have accidentally wandered into Minakami Village, a village that has disappeared. They explore the place among all kinds of spirituality and terror, trying to escape, and gradually uncover tragedies that happened here.

In the crossover of Identity V and Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly, the twin sisters Mio and Mayu Amakura will cooperate with different survivors and hunters, dealing with another crisis in the Oletus Manor. The night is endless, and the horror is ubiquitous. But as long as you run with hope, you will eventually see the scenery of victory where the crimson butterflies fly.

Stay tuned for the crossover

Mio, the younger sister of the twins, is lively and cheerful. Her older sister, Mayu, hurt her right foot because of her mistake. Therefore, Mio promised that they are going to be together forever. It was also because Mayu follows a mysterious red butterfly deep into the woods that Mio, concerned for her older sister, follows, and they soon discover the mysterious village. When the Perfumer in the manor becomes Mio, what will happen to her?

Sae Kurosawa is one of the last twins to perform the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. While escaping with her sister, she was caught when she fell from a cliff, and performed the ritual alone, disappointed at her elder sister. When the ritual failed, she came back as a haunting ghost, waiting to reunite with her sister to grant her wish to be together forever. When the Hunter Geisha who travels across life and death with resentfulness becomes Sae Kurosawa, can she get what she wants?

From November 24th to December 23rd, come and explore the crossover event between Identity V and Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly . Gift package [Mio Amakura] will be in the shop for a limited time, including [A-Costume] Perfumer- Mio Amakura; [A- Accessory] Perfumer - Memo, with which you can recreate the girl who searched for the truth with a camera in the manor; [A-Costume] Geisha- Sae Kurosawa will also be launched to take you back to those horrors and touching moments.

During the crossover, there will be time-limited events. By taking photos, signing in and finishing tasks, players can get [Portrait] Mio Amakura, [Portrait] Sae Kurosaw, [Portrait Frame] Project Zero and more! As the event progresses, players can also unlock the handbook editing function where you can organize your pictures and revisit old memories.

The crossover between Identity V and Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly is now on. We promised each other to break the cocoon and fly together as butterflies. I can keep the promise, can you?

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