The Cannabis Infusions at Spa Cenvaree Centara Grand at CentralWorld

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The Cannabis Infusions at Spa Cenvaree Centara Grand at CentralWorld

The newly legalised cannabis plant just happens to be rich in antioxidants, anti- inflammatory compounds, and pain- reduction properties - meaning the benefits of cannabis go far beyond tranquility.

One way you can experience the many advantages of Thailand's new favourite herb is with Spa Cenvaree's new "Cannabis Infusion" treatment packages. We have 2 options to choose from, including:

Get you to the best benefit "The Cannabis Infusions" with our 2 spa packages

"Relax & Restore" THB 2,595++ / 90 mins or THB 2,795++ / 120 mins

To rest your body and mind, we recommend the spa's "Relax & Restore" treatment course, perfect for those with a build-up of body toxins which can be alleviated with the application of a "Botanical Bliss Body Scrub". Combined with a relaxing cannabis-infused body massage, this is also an excellent way to deal with insomnia and stress, as well as pain management for those with muscle tension and fatigue. You might start to feel the effects within minutes, and it can last for a long time afterward.

"Release & Revive" THB 2,795++ / 90 mins or THB 2,995++ /120 mins

This 2-hour therapeutic treatment includes a Siamese Herbal Body Scrub to help heal the body -- ideal for individuals suffering from muscle aches and tension. The technique works by unfurling any knots along the neck, shoulder, back and legs. The treatment course also utilises a special cannabis-infused body massage that focuses on a deeper layer of muscle compared to traditional techniques

Spa packages include:

  • Foot Bath Ritual
  • Selected "Relax & Restore" or "Release & Revive"
  • Refreshment

For bookings, please contact Spa Cenvaree 02-1001234 ext. 6511 or e-mail:

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