SCB Customer Center proud to be the first bank in Thailand to receive ISO18295-1 certification

Stocks News Tuesday December 6, 2022 11:47 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

SCB Customer Center proud to be the first bank in Thailand  to receive ISO18295-1 certification

In every interaction with customers, Siam Commercial Bank never loses sight of the importance of responding quickly and effectively, and the SCB Call Center is one of the most essential ways consumers can get in touch with the Bank. It serves as more than just a facility to answer questions or take complaints, also coordinating the resolution of client issues between the many divisions within the Bank. The Bank is dedicated to enhancing the Call Center system so that it can provide services at the level required by the international standard ISO 18295-1 for customer contact centers.

More than 1,400 SCB Call Center employees are committed to providing excellent customer service, and this was recently recognized when the Bank received ISO 18295-1 Customer Contact Center Management System Certification from the Management System Certification Institute (MASCI), an ISO Certification Institute, and the Outstanding Customer Complaint Management Center Award 2022 from the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB). In this way, the Bank's mission of becoming "A Better Bank" will be advanced.

According to Vitoon Pornsakulvanich, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Integrated Channels Officer, and acting Chief Retail and Business Banking Officer at Siam Commercial Bank, "Siam Commercial Bank became the first bank in Thailand to receive ISO 18295-1 certification for its customer contact center for its work in handling customer complaints according to international standards. Our key performance indicators (KPIs) at the SCB Call Center are set at a world-class level, and one of these is a 95% success rate in resolving client inquiries before clients hang up. In line with global norms, this percentage is above and beyond 90% and includes the capacity to resolve customer issues over the phone in as few as one call for up to 94% of callers. Accreditation to ISO 18295-1 reflects international best practices in customer service, which are embraced by many of the world's most successful companies."

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