Krungsri fully supports National Digital Trade Platform by joining hands with Toyota Tsusho to promote digital transformation connecting trade data between Thailand and Japan

Stocks News Tuesday December 6, 2022 13:51 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Krungsri fully supports National Digital Trade Platform by joining hands with Toyota Tsusho to promote digital transformation connecting trade data between Thailand and Japan

Krungsri (Bank of Ayudhya PCL) and Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Company Limited jointly supported the development of the National Digital Trade Platform (NDTP) which was successful in pilot connecting the trading platforms between Thailand and Japan. The move has been another proof of Krungsri's digital leadership, reflecting its commitment to become a trusted partner that helps Thai corporate customers grow their businesses across ASEAN and the world.

The National Digital Trade Platform (NDTP) was initiated under the collaboration of various sectors, with an objective to develop a platform for the exchange of international trade documents which will lead to more convenient, easier and faster export and import procedures for Thailand. The first phase of implementation will involve testing of platform integration between Thailand and its trading partners in Japan and Singapore.

Mrs. Yingluk Kongkasai, Krungsri Head of Transaction Banking Group, said "It's a great pleasure for Krungsri to take part in driving the National Digital Trade Platform by joining forces with our long-term customer like Toyota Tsusho to pilot connect the digital trade platform of Thailand with the Japanese digital trade platform 'TradeWaltz' in importing products from trading partners in Japan and to conduct a test on the process of communication and electronic document delivery between trading partners and the Bank in late September, which came out successfully. Currently, many countries have started to develop digital platforms. When the digital platform is fully developed and widely implemented, this creates opportunities for businesses and facilitates trade activities. Both the document preparation time and the amount of required documents are significantly reduced, resulting in simplified administrative procedures which is beneficial to the entrepreneurs and the country's international trade in the long run. Krungsri hopes that this success will be a major step towards the next level of development in order to boost the competitive advantage of Thailand's import and export businesses."

Mr. Pramote Lawsatta, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Company Limited, said, "We are pleased to be a part of the pilot project in which Thailand's the digital trade platform has initiated and launched. The digital platform will become a significant tool to enhance efficiency in cross-border transactions for both import and export procedures in the near future. Moreover, we strongly believed that the digital trade platform will significantly support Thailand's economic growth."

Mr. Satoru Someya, Managing Director, Head of CEO's Office and Head of Global & Alliance business dept, TradeWaltz Inc, said, "We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Company Limited and Krungsri for their cooperation in making this demonstration of platform-to-platform connectivity between NDTP in Thailand and TradeWaltz in Japan possible. Toyota Tsusho (Thailand) Company Limited has cooperated with us not only in improving operational efficiency through digital linkage of trade documents, but also in exploring new functions such as streamlining EPA applications through Certification of Origin linkage and visualizing CO2 emissions in logistics. We would like to thank Krungsri for being involved in the Japan-Thailand Collaborative long time, and for playing an important role in coordinating the Thai users of the PoC this time as well."

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