Supersports is Making Life Better and Healthier by supporting TAB RUN FOR THE BLIND 2023

General News Friday January 27, 2023 11:35 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

Supersports is Making Life Better and Healthier by supporting TAB RUN FOR THE BLIND 2023

Supersports, under Central Retail, Thailand's number one sporting goods retailer, is making life better for the blind having supported TAB RUN FOR THE BLIND 2023 to raise funds for Thailand Association of the Blind. Dr. Chadchart Sittipunt, Bangkok Governor, presided over the opening ceremony of this running event at the Multi-purpose Yard Rama 8 Bridge in Bangkok.

The charity running event saw over 1,600 Thai and foreign runners of all levels participating in the race, including the Supersports running team, which helped guide visually impaired runners in both the 5 and 10 km races. According to the association, proceeds from the event will go towards the construction of a rehabilitation, assistance, and empowerment center for the blind in Thailand to be completed in 2027. In addition, the event is promoting everyone's physical activity and health and making society more inclusive towards the visually impaired. It also aims to promote sports tourism in Bangkok.

Erlinda Petpisit, Omnichannel Customer Director of CRC Sports Co., Ltd., under Central Retail, said, "Supersports believes that the disabled have the same passion as those who are able-bodied when it comes to playing sports. By supporting TAB RUN FOR THE BLIND 2023, Supersports is encouraging everyone to have a healthy and active lifestyle while becoming healthier through their favorite sports activities."

The event, which is helping to fund the Thailand Association of the Blind featured three distanced included a sub 3 half marathon (21.1 km.), mini-marathon (10 km.) and fun run (5 km.) with the course taking runners past the Borommaratchachonnani Elevated Highway.

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