EDF Foundation invites general public to support needy Thai students education

General News Wednesday May 31, 2023 17:09 —PRESS RELEASE LOCAL

EDF Foundation invites general public to support needy Thai students education

Though schools around Thailand started the new 2023 academic year since the middle of May 2023, EDF Foundation (Education for Development Foundation) still need at least 3,770 scholarships support until June 30, 2023 to fulfill the hopes of needy Thai students for their education.

According to Mr. Sunphet Nilrat, EDF Foundation managing director, "EDF Foundation has been accepting scholarships donations for 2023 academic year for 9,753 needy students from more than 1,400 educational institutions around Thailand since July 1, 2022. So far we have received donations for 5,983 scholarships comprising 5,016 scholarships for junior high school students, 471 scholarships for high school/vocational school students, 294 scholarships for students with disabilities to study in regular co-educationally schools, 187 scholarships for orphans in three southern border provinces and 15 scholarships for university students. 

"We would like to have at least 3,770 additional scholarships during this 2023 academic year for needy Thai students for the better of their future. The support from general public will help reduce financial burdens on these needy students' families," Mr. Sunphet said.

Established in 1987 and registered as a charitable organization No. 255 under the laws of Thailand, EDF Foundation is recognized from both locally and internationally. From 1988-2022 academic years, EDF Foundation provided 405,560 scholarships to underprivileged students around Thailand. 

The organization received several awards and recognition, including CAF International Validated Organization Badge in 2021, which affirmed that EDF's funds are spent exclusively for charitable purposes and its operations, have safeguards against the risk of fraud, money laundering or other illicit activities.

It received also the 5 Star rating award for its Good Governance & Transparency and Financial Efficiency from Giving Back Association in 2016, Thai Morality Award from Association of the Union of the Disabled of Thailand in 2014,  Golden Kallapapruek Award from Khon Kaen University in recognition of the foundation's continuous development of scholarship programs and educational development projects in 2013 and Thailand NGO Awards 2012 for large organization category from the Rockefeller Foundation, Kenan Institute Asia and the Resource Alliance.

Individuals or organizations, that wish to support educational scholarships to needy students or organize CSR activities with the EDF Foundation, can click www.edfthai.org for directly online donation or phone 02 579 9209-11 (09.00-16.30 hrs. from Monday-Friday), email: public@edfthai.org or communicate via LINE @edfthai.

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