SCB 10X and Global AI Partners Unveil Bangkok AI Hack 2023: Unlocking Generative AI Innovations

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SCB 10X and Global AI Partners Unveil Bangkok AI Hack 2023: Unlocking Generative AI Innovations

SCB 10X ( ), the venture building and investment arm of SCBX Group, announced today the forthcoming Bangkok AI Hack 2023. This will take place from November 11th to 19th, 2023 at DISTRICTX. Bangkok AI Hack 2023 aims to bring together AI enthusiasts from the region specializing in AI/ML Engineering, Data Science, and Entrepreneurship, to develop innovative products and proof-of-concepts (PoCs) all under the overarching theme of "Unlock Generative AI Adoption: BUILD - INNOVATE - TRANSFORM." This event will serve as a platform for cross-industry collaboration and knowledge exchange, providing participants with a unique opportunity to collaborate with experts from various domains within the AI sector.

Participants will create innovative products and proof-of-concepts (PoCs) aligned with three distinct challenge tracks:

TRACK 1) MODEL LAYER: Focused on enhancing Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities for low-resource languages.
TRACK 2) TOOLING LAYER: Exploring ways to extend the impact of generative AI technologies.
TRACK 3) APPLICATION LAYER: Harnessing Generative AI to drive product innovation.

The hackathon underscores SCB 10X's commitment to drive technological advancement in the region in partnership with global AI and technology leaders, as well as prominent industry players, including Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft,, SambaNova, AI Singapore, VISTEC,, AIAT, AIEAT, Super AI Engineer, NECTEC, Creatorsgarten, Wang, SCB TechX, SCB DataX and InnovestX.

"As the venture capital and venture building arm of SCBX group, SCB 10X focuses on investing in and driving disruptive technology, and creating ventures in Southeast Asia powered by exponential technologies such as Blockchain, Web3, AI, and deep tech," said Unnawut Leepaisalsuwanna, Head of Venture Builder at SCB 10X. "We are thrilled to offer technical insights from our in-house Venture Building developers. Not only do we have blockchain experts, but we have also expanded our team to include a growing number of AI experts as well. We want to empower participants to build groundbreaking and generative AI solutions."

The hackathon champions will be eligible for incubation, mentorship, job opportunities, or collaboration with SCB 10X and its international network of partners. Additionally, the winners will be awarded a total prize pool of $9,000, along with attractive rewards, robust infrastructure support, and specialized services, including:

Through AWS Activate, AWS's 10-year flagship startup program, AWS will provide participants with AWS credits to scale and grow on AWS Cloud, as well as access to workshops where they can learn from best-in-class founders, AWS engineers, and industry-leading technical experts about how to optimize their business around emerging technology and evolving business practices.

Microsoft will provide Microsoft Founders Hub Access including Microsoft Azure Credits that grow as your needs increase (up to $150,000), Microsoft 365 tools, GitHub Enterprise, Visual Studio Enterprise, a mentorship call with Microsoft Thailand executive officers, and additional benefits to the winners of each track.

NECTEC will provide exclusive access to the "AI for Thai" platform, a leading Thai Artificial Intelligence Service Platform to all finalist teams.

Wang will offer a 3,000 THB credit for the finalist teams in Track 1 and a 1,500 THB credit for the finalist teams in Track 2,3 for utilizing their data collection and annotation services on the Wang platform.

The bounty for track 1:

VISTEC will provide a $300 bounty prize to the team participating in Track 1 selected by VISTEC. This prize is for their outstanding performance in solving the challenge titled 'The Battle of Fine-Tuning & In-Context Learning Techniques.'

The bounty for track 2: will provide $2500 in Together API credits & AirPods Max to the team participating in Track 2 selected by and using Together API to build an AI tool for developers by leveraging open-source code LLMs on Together API to fine-tune and/or run inference on them.

The bounty for track 3:

InnovestX will offer a $1,500 bounty prize for one selected team participating in track 3 (Application Layer), with the theme 'UNLEASHING THE FUTURE OF FINANCE!' Fusing Next-Gen AI to Revolutionize Investment Impact.

With a vision to become Thailand's leading Unicorn Foundry, SCB 10X stands in an exceptional position to offer invaluable resources, expert guidance, and leading partners to event participants while actively driving the global adoption of Generative AI.

Apply now - 25 October and for more information, please visit:

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